Letters - August 31

Hotel plan for Yates's site
Hotel plan for Yates's site
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I NOTE with interest the proposed building on the old Yates’s site will not move forward until the end of 2012 (Gazette, August 26).

My question is why must this council’s planning department take so long to make up its mind to do something about the site?

Blackpool’s Talbot Gateway project has been in the pipeline for at least eight years now, and still there is no sign of any work being done to start the project.

As each year comes and goes, Blackpool loses out to places like Blackburn with its large new market.

Even Preston is moving up in the world with its soon-to-be new shopping mall.

Meanwhile, more charity shops and mobile phone shops dominate Blackpool’s town centre.

Why can’t the council take the old post office building on Abingdon Street and either turn it into a large shopping complex or at least turn it into flats? This council needs to make things happen now, not in one year or two years’ time.


North Shore


WHILE welcoming the news of the redevelopment of the Yates’s site, there are still other areas of Blackpool in urgent need of redevelopment.

For any visitor arriving at Blackpool North Station, one has the depressing walk down Talbot Road, which has become rundown. It is not the most attractive welcome for any visitor. Congratulations for the Promenade, but this is let down by some of the buildings adjacent, on the area between Tyldesley Road and Central Pier.

One is always hearing about major shopping redevelopments in neigh-bouring towns and cities. Why is Blackpool not among them?

More investment is needed and continued improvements.


Lytham Road


I HOPE when discipline comes back into the classrooms, the Government makes sure swearing is banned from children’s vocabulary.

I’m sad to say some young people come out of school and go into small shops, whose owners are trying to make a living, and think they are macho when they swear when they want to get served.

It’s got to stop now or ‘broken Britain’ will only get worse.


Ashfield Road