Letters - August 3, 2012

Cuadrilla's site in Singleton could be the next place exploratory fracking takes place
Cuadrilla's site in Singleton could be the next place exploratory fracking takes place
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I WOULD like to address the comment that “more information should be made available to people before this kind of move is made”, made in your comment section entitled “Rig Concern” (The Gazette, July 30).

In line with Cuadrilla’s commitment to being open and honest with local people, we have provided detailed and accurate information to the public before the rig was moved to the Anna’s Road site – and well in advance of any drilling commencing there.

We also confirmed that at this stage no hydraulic fracturing operations will be undertaken at the Anna’s Road site

Before the rig arrived we sent over 800 letters to residents living near the site. We also wrote to elected representatives who represent the site and neighbouring constituencies, including parish, borough and county councillors, and MPs.

We issued a press release to local papers including the Gazette and published this on our website. Indeed our website is a source of detailed and accurate information about all of our operations and is regularly updated.

In addition to this, we recently distributed over 38,000 
information newsletters to 
every address in the Fylde district.

This newsletter provided detailed information about what Cuadrilla does and how we operate safely.

At all times we have also made it clear that residents are very welcome to arrange a site visit, to see for themselves the precautions and best practice techniques we use to ensure our operations are carried out safely.

Anyone interested can call our long-established Freephone information line on 0800 170 1115 (weekdays 9am – 5.30pm).

Cuadrilla remains absolutely committed to providing detailed and accurate information to the communities in which we work. I hope you will agree that, in this case, we did in fact honour that commitment.


Chief Executive,

Cuadrilla Resources Ltd

REGARDING the Celebrating Success Awards, I was pleased to see Tom Darcy (Domestic Ward 23) has been nominated for ‘Going the Extra Mile’.

My husband was in Ward 23 for just over two weeks during February this year. During this time my husband was connected to oxygen cylinders and was very ill, anxious and stressed.

Whenever Tom was in his bay, he always made an effort to talk to my husband and cheer him up. My husband always said ‘he makes my day’.

Despite working hard to keep the ward clean, he was always so cheerful and always made an effort to listen and talk to patients, some who never had any visitors.

Unfortunately, my husband passed away in March, but I know he would have been so pleased, that Tom has been recognised and nominated for this award.

He certainly did go ‘that extra mile’ and truly deserves to win.


ON Tuesday last week I walked 15 minutes to the bus stop at Lakeway, Newton Drive, to catch the 12.26pm bus 2C to Knott End. It arrived at 12.50pm.

On Friday I set off to catch the 12.56pm 2C bus to Knott End from the same stop. It arrived at 1.28pm.

While this route hasn’t changed this week the timetable is a joke because buses are nowhere near on time.

While I appreciate changes have to be made from time to time, Blackpool Transport needs to find a way to have the buses run much more to published timetables. People cannot rely on them.


Greenfinch Court, Blackpool