Letters - August 3

Pat Mancini MBE in her favourite photograph
Pat Mancini MBE in her favourite photograph
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I HAVE read the many, well deserved tributes to Mrs Pat Mancini MBE. She will most certainly be missed by many people in Blackpool.

Can I just offer this tribute of my own for the wonderful loyalty and care Mrs Mancini’s staff of the Queens Hotel, under the guidance of the general manager Mr J Pisacane, have shown over the years to both Pat and Rudi.

I have been a customer there for most of the time this lovely couple owned The Queens.

Pat and Rudi cared for their staff and the staff returned that care.

The way the staff pulled together after the fire last year was just one example of the dedication they display on a daily basis.

So, at this time, we should remember that all the staff at the Queens are also mourning Mrs Mancini.

Many of them have worked for her for a long time and, because she knew she could rely on her staff, this in turn enabled her to devote so much of her time to the many very worthy causes she supported.

Please, as well as remembering Pat’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers at this sad time, also remember her hard working and loyal staff.



THE spate of recent vandalism and the theft of metal cables and components from electricity substations in Blackpool is putting people at risk, and we would like local residents to play their part in helping to combat this type of dangerous crime.

Those who try to steal electricity cables for their scrap metal value are not just risking a prison sentence, they are risking their lives, given the danger involved in tampering with the electricity network.

Metal theft is also a far from victimless crime.

Although Electricity North West has a quick response team, which aims to repair any damage as quickly as possible, homes and businesses will inevitably lose their electricity supply for a short time while repairs are carried out.

Interference with the equipment in substations can also lead to people suffering appliance damage in their homes. This can cause huge disruption and expense.

To crack down on this type of crime, we have joined forces with police and are appealing to local residents to be vigilant.

If anyone sees someone acting suspiciously near a substation, they should try to note as much information as possible, such as a description of the person, their vehicle details and registration number, and contact the police immediately.


Engineering services manager

IN response to Jack Croysdill (Letters July 29), the NHS cannot survive in its present format.

Staff pension entitlements, ageing population, new medicine and treatments all eat into NHS costs and taxpayers cannot afford to meet that bill without huge increases.

Allowing parts to stand alone, growing and providing services that are needed for the community can only be good and cost beneficial for everyone’s health and social wellbeing.