Letters - August 27, 2015

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Resort’s coach station is a joke

No railway upgrade to Blackpool to help bring in the visitors is a shame but spare a thought for the poor visitors who come to Blackpool on a coach!

Blackpool Central Coach Station is a joke. Having just experienced standing in the central car park waiting for a coach on a windy Blackpool day, I feel for all the visitors who regularly do the same.

When is Blackpool going to realise that it doesn’t need more hotels but it desperately needs a bus and coach station with decent facilities. Nearly every town in the British Isles has one, even small places like Shrewsbury have a very decent bus and coach station. We want people to come to Blackpool, surely the first impressions count?

Standing in a car park with no shelter, no taxi rank, nowhere to sit and wait and no cafe is hardly a great start or end to a holiday. As one lady getting off a coach on Saturday was overheard to say “it says on my ticket Blackpool Central Coach Station, is this it?”. We are supposed to be a holiday destination and want visitors to come, let’s at least try and make them feel welcome from the very start.

S.C. Bonham

South Shore


A very Pheasants afternoon had by all!

Last April a small group of people on the Pheasants Wood estate decided to form a committee with the aim of fostering a community spirit among the residents. They named the venture ‘Friends of Pheasants Wood’.

The Friends’ objective also includes ensuring that, together with the council, the estate is kept in good order by regular litter picking, small tree planting and general maintenance. More people have joined the group and the initiative is proving highly successful.

On Sunday, August 23, the Friends held a fun day on the field adjoining Bourne Way from 11am to 3pm. A large number of people attended and enjoyed a warm sunny day of multi-fun which included: archery, a bouncy castle, races for all age groups, tombola and a very popular dog competition.

Very many thanks to all those who worked so hard to make the day so very successful.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close, Cleveleys


Wrong brother started woes

Forget about the Labour leadership election, the party’s present problem’s started with the election of Ed Miliband, I believe the party was just about electable if his brother David had been elected.

The party is now in a whole new ball game, it couldn’t be in a worse place if it had tried.

The election of Ed, followed by constant demonization of the Labour leadership in the press, then the catastrophic loss of seats in Scotland which I believe are gone for good, and now the Electoral Boundary changes to be adopted by the Tories favouring even more seats for them.

Also we do not know as yet if changes to the BBC may alter political reporting. All the political chatter about the present leadership race is of no consequence, it’s all about statistics and believe that Labour would have to gain 106 seats for a majority of one. A majority of one is not enough to govern with, they would require one hell of a lot of Tory voters to vote Labour, this isn’t going to happen.

The Perfect Storm, it sure is, however, it’s consequences I fear most, unless Cameron comes back with a real poor deal from Europe causing the Conservative Party to split, I can’t see Labour gaining power in the next 20 years.

During this period we will be a virtual One Party State and one party states without strong opposition end up as loose cannons, then the consequences could be dire.

Name and address supplied


GPs alert to seven- day working dangers

We must accept Dr David Wrigley’s Timely warning about GPs seven-day working plan 
(Gazette August 19) set out by the Government to meet the demands of patients, as ‘unworkable’.

It is widely known that GPs generally work seven days a week as most practices struggle to fill vacant posts. It takes five years in training which is expensive to medical students undertaking the challenge, so it must be clear that after so long dealing with the NHS crisis overall, the government have failed to deal effectively with all the issues of funding treatment. From Primary Care, through to the whole range of secondary hospital care and after care in the community they have failed.

More important to the government appears to be the integration of commercial companies taking over the NHS, which have become so imbedded within the system that general practice will become more fragmented and unsustainable. As a long term member of 38 degrees Save the NHS Campaign in Blackpool Fylde and Wyre, I have no faith in the present government having a cohesive strategy to put appropriate funding into the NHS, that will actually reduce the hours of work for GPs, nurses, and all medical staff. This is the only way to sustain our valuable medical services into a public service that is free from commercial interest.

We may remember that in 1945 when Bevin created the N H S and needed to persuade the British Medical Association to become involved, he announced that he ‘stuffed their mouths with gold’. Today to keep our loyal NHS staff in work, government must stuff the whole of the NHS empty pockets with gold, as opposed the pockets of private companies, who have their own motives to profit from it.


38 degrees Blackpool 
Fylde & Wyre

North Shore