Letters - August 25, 2011

NO BYELINE NO BYELINE NO BYELINE NO BYELINETravellers site at Fairfield Road, Poulton le Fylde.
NO BYELINE NO BYELINE NO BYELINE NO BYELINETravellers site at Fairfield Road, Poulton le Fylde.
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HOW delighted we all are in Hardhorn, Singleton, Staining and Poulton with the result of the travellers appeal (The Gazette, August 20).

After nearly two years we can, I’m sure, all put up with the time they have been given to vacate.

Might I also add, Hardhorn, Singleton, Staining and Poulton residents have also spent £94,000, as well as the £75,000 from Fylde Council.

I’m sure that from all of us we must thank Mark Menzies, Ben Wallace and Maxine Chew for all the help they have given to us.

Without them and a few more, too many to mention, we would still be in dire straits.


Fairfield Road,


DAVID Cameron says we have a sick society, but as usual he doesn’t take any of the blame for the riots. It is my belief the Government is not totally exempt from blame. Although politicians may not have looted shops, they sure enough stole from us in the expenses scandal.

I hope David Cameron has learnt not only how to deal with rioters, but also that it has been a mistake to cut back our police force.

The riots clearly show the frightening extent of social division in England. David Cameron’s answer to have people evicted from their council houses is he insane. All participants should be brought to account.


Broadhurst Road,


THE President of StayBlackpool has condemned local railway workers for exercising their democratic right to protect their living standards (The Gazette, August 19).

Although we understand her concern this action may damage her members’ trade, we would suggest she should be far more concerned about damage to the holiday trade caused by continuing rises in the cost of living and job losses caused by Government economic policy.

The official rate of inflation is currently running at 4.4 per cent. This does not take into account housing costs. Include this and the real rising cost of living in the UK is 9.5 per cent.

In these circumstances, and the fact the privatised rail operator First Group Rail recorded an increase in profits of 23 per cent this year, the offer of 2.2 per cent is an insult.


Blackpool Against Cuts