Letters - August 2

Sue Whitlock who has been evicted from Lawson's Road Allotments.
Sue Whitlock who has been evicted from Lawson's Road Allotments.
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I WAS really excited last November when I got an allotment on Lawson Road, Blackpool.

We are encouraged to grow our own, and I went up to the allotment over winter at least two or three times a week, even when the weather was bad.

As I don’t have a car, I used the bus and got lifts.

By June, I was just beginning to get things sorted.

We had moved house, which set me back, but I had four good rows of potatoes in, some onions and was just starting to get other things. I did quite a lot myself and dug it over by spade, but could not afford a rotovator.

Then I got a letter from the council, threatening me with eviction because I had not cultivated my allotment enough.

I was gutted as I had put a lot of effort in. My friend and I spent quite a bit of time making sure the allotment was all dug over, but it was not enough.

I received a letter to say I was evicted and would have to remove my tools and give my key back.

In my view, six months is not long enough to sort an allotment and get it full of vegetables, unless you can afford a rotovator. Rules seem more important than people.


Lord Street


Footnote: A council spokesman said: “When someone signs up for an allotment, they sign an agreement and one of the conditions is that 75 per cent of the plot should be cultivated.

“If anyone has any mitigating circumstances why they can’t carry out work on their allotment, we would always take them into account.”

JUST a quick reminder to the “I don’t want to abide by the law brigade”, those yellow things positioned on the side of the road at various locations in and around Blackpool are there because the above mentioned will probably be the ones who continuously broke the 30mph limit for many years before they were introduced.

Therefore, stop moaning, drive safely, and keep to the limit, and you won’t get a nasty brown envelope dropping through your letterbox.



I BELIEVE speed cameras are a money-making con. I have been done twice doing 34mph and 37mph in a 30mph area. It is ridiculous.

People who visit say it puts people off coming to Blackpool.

I understand 30mph on the front, where there are a lot of hotels and traffic, but not on these other roads.



South Shore

IN response to Mike Edwards (Letters July 30), he stated the new road layout in Brighton, called New Road, which is similar to Blackpool’s seafront layout, is now Brighton’s fourth most visited tourist destination.

Remind me never to go to Brighton on holiday!

I don’t think I could take the excitement.

Maybe the top three attractions are the fish ‘n’ chip shops, avoiding seagull droppings and jellied eels!