Letters - August 19, 2011

Steph Widdows has been to told to change her window display by the police at her PPP Emporium in Kirkham following a complaint.
Steph Widdows has been to told to change her window display by the police at her PPP Emporium in Kirkham following a complaint.
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I WAS shocked to read Sir Peter Blake’s Promenade icon Life Is A Circus had been stripped from our town by unthinking thieves, who just saw a work of art as easy money (Gazette August 17).

So, when I turned the page, I was surprised to read that Stephanie Widdows, in Kirkham, was baffled with the public response to selling “I predict a riot” T-shirts.

To raise funds for victims of the recent riots, the wording on Stephanie’s T-shirts could have been a little more sympathetic – “We don’t want a riot” or “Riot is ruin” but instead the unsettling Kaiser Chiefs’ song title was used. No doubt to many of the young looters and rioters who went on the rampage, this song was probably their rallying battle cry.

So were the police right to ask for the anti-riot T-shirts to be removed? They probably were. If someone wears a T-shirt with the words “I predict...” does that say “I support?”

After losing our Stanley Park Italian Garden figures, and now the Peter Blake Promenade sculpture, will there be any other T-shirts available to buy soon?

We could have “Blackpool is the new scrap metal yard!” or even “Find a job... be a metal-worker”. What will be the next target? The Tower?


Fifth Avenue


WHILE not condoning vandalism in any way, I do hope the thieves of the Life Is A Circus statue realised its true worth – that is, its scrap value.

£100,000 is an unbelievable price and could only be considered its worth by the clowns who bought it.

In reality, it was an insignificant piece, hardly worth turning your head for in passing, and certainly not worth the claim of being part of our heritage, when measured against our Victorian architecture.

Perhaps next time the tide organ or diving chamber on the Promenade could be spirited away, and our quality promenade sport meaningful statues of Charlie Cairoli or Violet Carson, elephants or donkeys and evoke the real meaning of Blackpool’s heritage.


Kingston Avenue

South Shore

I MUST congratulate Blackpool for the wonderful day we had as a family in the town.

The weather was great, the town is looking really good with the new sea wall and everything else we associate with a trip to Blackpool is looking a lot better.

We ended the day by watching the Rock and Roll show on the North Pier. The show is fantastic and we had a great time.

As a family we enjoy coming to Blackpool and one great thing this year was to see the North Pier with so much entertainment.

Thank you Blackpool.


Heath Charnock


I AM an 85-year-old lady who thoroughly enjoyed the Battle of Britain on the TV.

It brought back so many memories, good and bad.

I only wish the people who steal would have watched, as we gave up such a lot to get peace in our time.