Letters - August 18, 2011

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I READ with interest about the proposal to force landlords to apply for a licence to rent out properties in certain areas of Blackpool (Gazette August 8).

I applaud any scheme which ensures tenants enjoy proper standards of accommodation.

I do, however, take issue with holding landlords responsible for the conduct and behaviour of tenants. No landlord would accept a tenant if they believed them to be potentially disruptive.

With the best will in the world, it is very difficult to weed out problem tenants. Moreover, when a tenant is anti-social, the law makes it very difficult to evict them.

I recently had a tenant who was a blight on the neighbourhood, and it took me four months and in excess of £1,000 to seek possession of the property.

While all this was going on, the council was advising the tenant that she was within her rights to ignore the court order telling her to vacate within 14 days.

To compound all of this, when a problem tenant is evicted the council will simply rehouse them at public expense.

It is simplistic to assume that by taking action against a difficult tenant it resolves the problem. It simply moves that problem.


Blackpool Property and Leisure

A NEW bus station in Cleveleys is long overdue (Gazette August 12).

The present one is a disgrace. Last winter it was several days before some grit was put down on the ice, and then it was just on the road, leaving the pavement still slippery and dangerous.

I am surprised there are not more accidents with people just walking across the road in front of cars and buses, not bothering to use the crossing on Rough Lea Road.

It desperately needs a safe area for passengers and barriers to stop people wandering aimlessly across the road.

Perhaps if people could see it was a bus station and not just a bus stop, they would take more care.



I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the Barnardo’s volunteers and everyone else involved in the family play day in Stanley Park on Wednesday, August 3.

It was a brilliant day and wonderful to see so many families enjoying the many activities for all, including games, a trip on the train, a visit to the clock and the heritage trail.

The park was looking fantastic and the Italian Gardens especially colourful. We are lucky to have such a great asset in Blackpool and thanks to all responsible for its upkeep.

The only slight grumble is that maybe next time the rubbish bins could be emptied more often, or more provided. It was upsetting to see children trying to place their rubbish in overflowing bins, and often having to leave it by the side.

Taking rubbish home is not always an option on a day trip to the park, and all the groups were so well behaved trying to do their best at keeping the park tidy.

Well done to all concerned. Many thanks for a memorable day.


Faringdon Avenue

South Shore