Letters - August 16, 2013

Noel Sullivan and The Gumbys, from Priscilla-Queen of the Desert
Noel Sullivan and The Gumbys, from Priscilla-Queen of the Desert
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Priscilla show


Last week I saw Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert at the Opera House and must thank impresario Bill Kenwright for bringing it from Broadway and the West End to Blackpool.

The staging, the inumerable fabulous costumes and the performances from even the smallest cameos were brilliant.

And while it was all a joy to the eye, my only niggle was the effect on the ear.

It was severely over-amplified so that you could not follow the lyrics of the many songs and the following dialogue was often missed by many in the audience.

Hopefully this acoustic problem will be seen to before next summer season’s Mamma Mia at the Opera House!

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

Lost in countryside


I feel obliged to put pen to paper to record two incidents which have renewed my faith in human nature.

I have recently moved out to Preesall to live with my elder daughter and her husband.

This last week I decided to ponder the delights of the countryside and set off for a long walk without any idea of mileage or direction.

After many miles it dawned on me that I hadn’t the faintest idea where I was!

Eventually I inquired for assistance from a chap in his garden who not only gave me directions, but offered me refreshments.

Much further on, and slightly the worse for wear, I stopped a passing man for directions.

He must have noticed I was struggling and suffering because he grinned and wished me good luck.

I joked that it was possible I might not reach my home.

A mile later a car pulled up and a voice called out, “I’m here to take you home.”

It was the chap who had just given me directions!

A complete stranger got his car out because he felt sorry for an old man, and took me home.

I hope these two men will see this letter and realise how much I appreciate their actions.

These two gentlemen made my day.

D.S. Lane

Little Tongue Lane


Royal Mail shares


As one of the UK’s largest employers, your readers may be interested to understand what the recent announcement by the Government on the Royal Mail Free Shares for employees means for postmen and women and other Royal Mail staff in the North West.

The Government said it intends to dispose of a majority of its shares in Royal Mail through a flotation of the company on the London Stock Exchange.

It will automatically give 10 per cent of all the shares in the business free to eligible Royal Mail employees in the UK at the time of the flotation.

This is the largest free stake of any major UK privatisation.

The overwhelming majority of Royal Mail’s 150,000 employees in the UK, including employees working in Parcelforce Worldwide, will be eligible for Free Shares if they have worked for the company from July 10 2013 and continue to do so until flotation.

Eligible employees will automatically receive an equal number of shares, irrespective of their grade. There will be a pro-rata allocation for part-time employees. This will mean that our employees will have a meaningful stake in the company.

Stuart Simpson

Royal Mail Operations Director

North West

Blackpool air show

Great view

We had a most enjoyable weekend at the Blackpool Air Show and the Promenade was a great place to watch all the events from.

Thank you for the organisation of the splendid displays, and to Blackpool for being hosts.

Julianne Marshall


Rail fares hike

Too costly

The price of train fares is really getting ridiculous (Gazette August 14).

I thought the idea was to encourage more people to use public transport.

But when it is going to cost £21.55 for a return ticket from Blackpool to Manchester, it is no suprise people opt to take the car instead.

Even if there are only two of you, going by car will be cheaper.

And that is taking into account the cost of parking.

If you go to London, it can cost more than £100 depending on what time you want to travel and when you buy your ticket.

It is cheaper to fly to the continent!

I don’t know how anyone can afford to use the train to commute.

The article says monthly season tickets between Blackpool and Manchester could rise in price to £303.

That is as much as some people pay in rent to live.

It’s not as if we see much evidence of huge investment in the railways.

Surely it is time these huge price rises were pegged back.