Letters - August 15, 2013

Coun Graham Cain celebrates the installation of a new screen at the Opera House.
Coun Graham Cain celebrates the installation of a new screen at the Opera House.
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Opera house films

Work hard

I read with interest the article ‘Picture This’ (Gazette August 10).

I spent 20 years in cinema management running a beautiful art-deco cinema in the North East of England, only to be put out of business by a faceless multiplex venue that opened nearby.

I can see a possible niche audience for opera and ballet but these are probably being screened in the nearby Odeon Multiplex.

The article caused me to wonder where people attending a Star Wars Film Festival screening, or the like, are going to park.

Modern cinemas such as the Vue at Cleveleys or the Odeon in Rigby Road have massive car parks to cater for modern cinema audiences.

A town centre cinema cannot offer this nor can they offer the type of seating expected by today’s movie-going audiences.

Drawing on my experiences of cinema developments, the Opera House will have to work very hard to compete with the nearby opposition, no matter what it screens.

I would advise Michael Williams. operations director, Crown Entertainments, to check out the Odeon Leicester Square in London which has facilities much the same as the Opera House so that it certainly does not make Blackpool’s venue unique!

Finally, UK premieres are now moving to even larger venues than the Odeon and Empire in Leicester Square such are the major changes in the industry.

Robert W Milner

Melville Road


Fracking cash

Say no to it

We must not risk our living environment for fracking.

The Fylde and Wyre areas will be at considerable risk from increased heavy traffic, pollution, tremors, water contamination etc.

Cuadrilla and the Government are trying to buy their way in to this by offering cash carrots.

Our environment and way of life is much more important than money.

This is cash before community.

Goverment at every level, national and local is acting irresponsibly and insulting responsible citizens who simply have a concern for their living environment.

Locally, we recently had Wyre Coun Gordon McCann having to apologise for castigating people who have genuine concern about fracking when he was a spokesperson at a shale gas conference.

Lord Howill referred to desolate North East when he meant desolate North West.

They simply do not have a depth of understanding of this issue and are increasingly desperate to bribe the electorate into submission.

John Bailie


Jack’s writing

Avidly read

Thank you for your article by Jacqui Morley on Jack Benson (August 9).

I used be an avid reader of R.G.S’ column and when he stopped I thought my Saturdays wouldn’t be the same.

Then Jack came along and Saturday’s paper became my weekly treat, like you escaping with him into the Fylde countryside and always the humour made it an unmissalble read.

When his column ended just before Christmas 2009 I emailed him to thank him for all the pleasure he had given me.

In the email I wrote a little verse about his departure.

The following day he emailed back, thanking me and wishing me merry Christmas and a happy new year.

I still have that email.

We have lost someone who made the world, and more partcularly the Fylde, a better place.

Trevor Grantham


Bomber command clasp

Apply again

I bought your paper because of the photographs of the fly past featuring the Lancaster Bomber, Spitfire etc and I was indignant to read that Alan Cunliffe ‘s application for a clasp for services in Bomber Command had been denied (Gazette, August 12).

This is a mistake for sure, and I hope Mr Cunliffe will write to the MOD to ask again.

I personally have been told to wait until September to apply for my father’s clasp, as unfortunately he was one who gave his life and I am only the daughter of one who was brave.

I hope Alan gets his clasp soon.

Helen Smiley

(by email)

Snowdrop centre

Vital service

The Snowdrop Centre clearly provides a very important service for bereaved families in Blackpool.

So I am very pleased to see it is being given a reprieve (Gazette August 14).

There is nothing more painful than losing a child, so these parents really do need some form of support.

I hoped the funding can be found to ensure the service is saved on a permanent basis.

(name and address