Letters - August 15, 2012

Central Business District, Blackpool,  artist's impression of the area previously referred to as the Talbot Gateway
Central Business District, Blackpool, artist's impression of the area previously referred to as the Talbot Gateway
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EXCITING and much-needed as the new Central Business District may be, not much is said about a bus terminal.

Surely this is the perfect opportunity to create a transport hub to be proud of, as opposed to the crazy state of affairs we have at the moment, where we have streets like Market Street, Corporation Street etc clogged with buses and passengers out in all weather.

Surely if the council has any plans to relieve traffic congestion and encourage us to use public transport, a modern, bright and easy to use bus terminus should be the first priority.



I AM urging readers to make the most of the great British scenery by saddling up for one of the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) city to coast bike rides, raising money for our Mending Broken Hearts Appeal.

Night owls are encouraged to sign up to the Manchester to Blackpool Night Ride on Saturday, September 29 and Sunday, September 30. Pulling an all-nighter to take on 52 miles under the stars and be guided home by Blackpool’s famous illuminations is not to be missed.

For details, visit bhf.org.uk/bikerides, call 0300 456 8355 or email events@bhf.org.uk.


Head of events

British Heart Foundation

THE chief executive of gas fracking company Cuadrilla assured readers of their openness (Letters August 3).

As proof, the letter stated Cuadrilla has distributed over 38,000 leaflets, and a site visit can be arranged.

Both Fylde and Blackpool North and Cleveleys Labour parties arranged meetings where Cuadrilla gave presentations on fracking.

They did not discuss the many instances where fracking has led to pollution spillage at sites.

Readers should beware of glossy pamphlets.



Blackpool North and Cleveleys Labour Party

HOW can councillors Tony Williams and Paul Galley attribute the carelessness of drivers in colliding with a fence to the council’s decision to close the crossing? Coun Williams’ quote “maybe the drivers thought the crossing was still there” is hilarious. Worryingly though, he was deadly serious.


Holmfield Road


REGARDING the accidents at the Lauderdale Avenue tram crossing (Gazette August 7), I live close to the old crossing and attended meetings held by councillors Williams and Galley, when the petition was presented in an attempt to keep it open.

Sadly this failed, and yes I do miss it, but it’s gone and I think we should just move on.

There will, unfortunately, be accidents with the trams from time to time, but people crossing the tracks have to learn to look both ways and take care. The new trams are faster and quieter than the old ones.

This stretch of Kelso Avenue is a magnet for the boy racers, especially in the quieter evening periods.

The police are never in attendance, the only deterrent is a 30mph sign with a camera symbol, but no camera.

I would perhaps suggest to Coun Williams that, instead of trying to score political points by talking about the former crossing at every opportunity, he should concentrate on getting speed controls down Kelso Avenue, which would help reduce accidents.