Letters - August 15

Alison Priestley and her dog Trudy who was attacked by another dog. (Highfield Road, South Shore, Blackpool).
Alison Priestley and her dog Trudy who was attacked by another dog. (Highfield Road, South Shore, Blackpool).
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I WAS very sad to read about Trudy the springer spaniel that was attacked on Highfield Road (Gazette August 5), but not shocked.

We are dog groomers and know attacks on dogs are getting worse.

A lady in St Annes has three rescue dogs, and a Rottweiler on the loose has attacked her Yorkshire terrier twice.

Also a poodle was killed on Rigby Road car park not too long ago by a Rottweiler, and, also, on Rossall Beach a rescue greyhound was being walked when it was attacked and later died. I myself have been surrounded by three Staffordshire bull terriers on the Moss, when taking my poodle out, and ended up carrying her home.

Something must be done. Irresponsible people are getting these large dogs and can’t control them.

More dog wardens are needed and large fines should be given. Maybe the dog licence should be re-introduced.


Common Edge Road


I WOULD like to thank everyone for their kind donations when we held our street collection in St Annes on Saturday, August 6, on behalf of the Fylde Coast Branch of Prevent Unwanted Pets.

We raised £121.99 which will be put to good use helping animals in need.


Buttermere Avenue


All hail the singing King of Blackpool

I WENT to see the ‘King of Blackpool’ Joe Longthorne at the Grand Theatre.

This man is very special, he might not know it but he is.

His voice is his gift and that is his wealth. He doesn’t need material things, because his voice is given to him directly from his soul, deep within him.

No-one can take that away from Joe. I only wish he had his own TV show.

May Joe go on to lift people’s lives with his voice for many years to come



No soft stories please, these were thugs

HOW sad to read about war hero Mr Hilton being tortured for his money by young thugs (Gazette August 4).

When they are caught, I hope we don’t read about them coming from socially deprived backgrounds.

These young thugs are street-wise, full of confidence and knew exactly what they were doing when they assaulted Mr Hilton for his money.

They should be locked up.


Portland Road