Letters - August 14, 2012

Great Britain's medal winners pose on the roof of Team GB House in Stratford, London.
Great Britain's medal winners pose on the roof of Team GB House in Stratford, London.
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IN terms of sport, the 2012 Olympics have been a stunning success, arguably the best ever.

Great Britain has shown the world we can stage a brilliant Olympics.

Thanks to the Lottery and 70,000 volunteers, it has demonstrated what can be done, even in the midst of a very serious economic crisis.

It also demonstrates that, despite all the free labour, the Games bust the original budget by a mile.

Unfortunately, what works superbly well for two weeks is almost impossible to replicate over a longer period.

Remember also that the organisers spent seven long years organising the Games.

After-effects will be very hard to verify although one hopes that youngsters will have got the message that success in life comes from hard work, rather than video games.

In the meantime the golden moments can be cherished even if they change nothing.


Fieldfare Close


WELL, that’s it. I stated two weeks ago I am not a sports person, and feared total boredom and Olympic apathy.

So wrong. I have been wrapped up in excitement, emotions and seat edge expectation.

Well done to all Team GB for they have done so well, with their own efforts, and determination.

And the volunteers were cheered loud and long. Even though I wasn’t directly involved, I’m proud today of us, and proud of the whole event.

A legacy should be real British self-recognition, instead of our self-deprecating negativity.

I now only hope that, as a disabled person, the same emotion and public acclaim is given for our disabled sportsmen and women.



REGARDING Bernie Clifton’s parking ticket (Gazette August 8), it might be of interest to any other visitors, who have parked in this small section of Springfield Road, to know there are no signs erected which state the area becomes a taxi rank after 6pm.

There is perhaps a very small wording of this on the parking ticket machine and, if that be so, then it is unfair because it would be illegible during hours of darkness, when you can hardly see the slots on the meter.

Interestingly, this practice is being operated by most councils in the UK, but it has been challenged, and in at least one tribunal (Woking in Surrey) it was adjudged to be unfair due to inadequate signage.

To make matters even more unfair, this taxi rank rule does not appear anywhere in the Highway Code so, unless you are an expert on traffic law, you would be unaware and thus, an easy victim.

While the fine itself might seem quite insubstantial to the chief executive of Blackpool Council, 
it represents a lot for 
a family with children.