Letters - August 11, 2014

Whitegate Health Centre on Whitegate Drive in Blackpool
Whitegate Health Centre on Whitegate Drive in Blackpool
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Everyone is seen


Over the last three months I have had occasion to use the GP-led walk-in centre on Whitegate Drive, and the GP-led primary care assessment unit (DVT clinic) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Both are an NHS service provided by the Bloomfield Medical Centre.

This is apparent when you visit both places, because you will come across the same team members.

There are, without doubt, problems with our NHS, but good practice should be recognised.

Parking can be difficult at the walk-in centre, but the fault does not lie with any of the staff there, but the short-sightedness of the planners.

A walk-in centre is just that, a walk-in centre, and no appointments can be made, but patients are seen according to the seriousness of their condition.

On one visit, I counted over 50 people in attendance – not all would be patients, but everyone needing help is seen.

I understand that the number of people attending the centre has increased significantly.

I have always been met with utmost courtesy, care and professionalism when attending the walk-in centre or the primary care assessment unit, be it from the reception team, the health care assistants, nurses and doctors,. They certainly listen to you, which is important considering that they do not have access to the medical records held by your GP.

I think we are so fortunate to have such excellent centres where we can get immediate access, especially after normal surgery hours. Long may it remain. The team at the DVT clinic are also supported by the vascular scientist in the ultrasound scanning department, who are very professional.

Jeffrey Meadows

Blossom Avenue


Can use pass in sheffield

Tram travel

With reference to Jack Croysdill on the subject of tram fares (Your Say August 5), it is clear the operation of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) is very complicated, perhaps unnecessarily so.

However, while ENCTS pass holders cannot use their passes on most tram systems in England, such as the Croydon Trams and the Manchester Metrolink, I believe all ENCTS pass holders are allowed to use their passes on the Sheffield supertrams.

Terry Challis

Wilson Square

Little Bispham

Town Hall salaries

Still high

It’s good news the numbers of council staff earning six figure salaries is five per cent down on the previous year’s figures.

Nevertheless, the 2012-13 Town Hall Rich List compiled by the TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals at least 2,181 staff earning more than £100,000 per annum.

And 93 councils have actually increased the numbers raking in such sums. How can it be right that local authorities pleading poverty and cutting back services are on the other hand paying such high salaries?

Workers in all spheres of life are having to tighten their belts, and councils should remember they are there to serve the public and provide best value.

I have no doubt residents would rather have their money spent on basics, such as keeping day centres open, than keeping fat cats in caviar.

Paul Nuttall

UKIP North West MEP

Great show on the pier

Celtic Beat

I just had to write after watching an absolutely amazing show on the North Pier called Celtic Beat.

From curtain up to curtain down, it was mesmerising, with stunning costumes and amazing performances.

To witness the audience skipping and dancing off the pier after the show was brilliant.

This show could sit in any theatre across the country and demand double the seat price.

We really should be supporting our local talent and, my goodness, this show has some serious talent in it.

Mandy Banks

By email

Too many kittens

Time to spay

Here on the Fylde coast, we are experiencing a bumper year of kittens.

All our local sanctuaries are full to bursing with unwanted pregnant females, and cats with litters of newborn kittens.

There is simply no room for more.

This is all down to irresponsible cat owners who are not bothered to have their cats neutered or spayed.

It is not cruel for cats to have this important operation, but it is cruel to let them produce litter after litter of unwanted kittens, and then pass on the responsibility to one of our hardworking sanctuaries.

Cats can be neutered or spayed from the age of five months, and if you adopt one from a sanctuary, the operation will have been taken care of.

Josephine Harwood