Letters - August 10, 2015

Photo Neil Cross'Protesters outside the fracking meeting at County Hall, Preston
Photo Neil Cross'Protesters outside the fracking meeting at County Hall, Preston
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An extreme abuse 
of human rights

It is very obvious to tens of thousands of people in Lancashire, including hundreds of doctors, that shale gas fracking cannot be managed safely and will only cause serious health risks.

As well as this, I believe it will cause environmental and water pollution, not to mention the danger to tourism and efforts to prevent climate change further.

The visual impact of rigs spewing out carcinogenic fumes and radioactive flowback water should be enough to ban fracking for good.

Our county councillors, who worked extremely hard, were completely in order to refuse applications for this insidious business.

Fracking must be banned in the UK as they have done in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Austria, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and many states in the USA.

Lancashire produce will be boycotted. Farmers haven’t been told the truth.

Is fracking is an extreme abuse of Human Rights?

D Barker

Pine Crescent



Let’s make gadgets work for us

Smartphones have become the hub of our daily lives and are now in the pockets of two-thirds of UK adults, and the vast majority of young people own one. Even half of 55 - 64 year olds now own a smartphone.

The Ofcom 2015 Communications Market Report highlights the urgent need for radical changes to be made to the 999 emergency service so that those in need can text as well as call.

Much of the technology we need to update our emergency service is available today. But we urgently need to make progress now, with clear ownership from Government and ministerial leadership.

A data-based emergency service would allow people to text alerts via any appropriate app on a chosen easy-to-remember special number, such as 999 – and these alerts would then be passed to the human emergency operator.

The main engineering challenge would be to set up priority routing of alerts to this special number in order to avoid delays at busy times.

This needs to be arranged in consultation with the main mobile and app-based text providers, and with makers of new technology like wearables that might aid or even make emergency calls.

Prof Will Stewart

Institution of Engineering and Technology


Lawyers taking cash from the taxpayer

Concerning the murderer who failed in his appeal against a 28-year jail term (Gazette, August 1), his lawyers argue he was not thinking straight when he withdrew his earlier appeal.

Who paid these lawyers for this representation? Unless they did it out of the goodness of their heart? I think not.

Another case of the law industry taking an opportunity to milk the tax payer. He was obviously encouraged to go through with this no-hope appeal.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue



People were so kind after fall in street

I had a bad fall recently, hitting my head on the pavement. I was clearly injured. A lovely young man came to help me, saying: “You’ve got a bad one there.”

A lady came out of her house and helped also, rushing to call an ambulance. Both walked me back to my house, as I live nearby, and promised to visit later, which they did.

I would like to say a big thank you to these people for all their help and kindness, best wishes to them and God Bless. Thanks to the hospital and ambulance team also, they were so nice and kind to me.

Name and address supplied


A definite case of ‘for want of a nail’

Whilst most dog owners are keen to keep the streets clean and make every effort to do so, it seems the council are not so keen. Until very recently for instance, Watson Road Park had stanchions bearing boxes, regularly fitted out with green ‘Dog Waste’ bags. These were clearly intended not only to keep the park area tidy, but also the pavements around it.

When these were recently removed, I rang the council office and was told they had now been withdrawn.

A clear case surely of ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’. If this is the case in all the local parks, it says little for the council’s aim to clean up our streets – and surely the cost was never so exorbitant!

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue



Many thanks for a fantastic two days

Stephen Pierre writes letters. Now it’s my time to write one. I want to thank him and his team at the jazz and blues festival, as well as hospice helpers.

The vocalists and musicians who donated their services for a terrific two days at the Winter Gardens deserve equal thanks.

I hope the festival raised a lot for the hospice. Stephen, you deserve a medal. Blackpool Jazz and Blues Festival is back.

Jim Sandwell

Waring Drive