Letters - August 10

A crowded Fleetwood beach scene. / view / promenade / marine hall''scenic wyre
A crowded Fleetwood beach scene. / view / promenade / marine hall''scenic wyre
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WOULD it not be a good idea for Wyre Council to start charging for parking on Fleetwood Promenade?

After reading about the lack of money for alleyway gates in the West View area of Fleetwood, I think that there are rich pickings to be made from the folk that come to Fleetwood and park, sometimes for 12 hours at a time on the Promenade.

Most of the people I have seen bring their own flasks and sandwiches and don’t spend a penny for the good of the town.

It must be heartbreaking for the kiosk owners to watch these cars sit all day long and not put their hands in their pockets. There should be a minimum parking charge on our Promenade, like nearly every other resort in the country.

Wake up councillors and do something. We need our outdoor pool sorting out and the paddling pool was a disgrace when I took the grandchildren.


Rothwell Drive


IT WAS a pleasure to see, in the columns of Memory Lane (Gazette July 9), pictures of sports day at Carter’s Charity School in Preesall.

Although the images in your newspaper dated from the mid-1960s, I wouldn’t be surprised if the same sacks were still in circulation in the mid-1980s, when I lined up to compete alongside current Blue Peter presenter Barney Harwood (Barnaby back then).

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the eggs, a vital part of another sports day race, dated from a similar period.

I can still remember the heavy-legged walk back to the car, made a little brighter by the fact I was proudly carrying home the school’s cross country cup.

As for the sack race, well, the less said the better.


I WOULD like to thank everyone involved for bringing Gardeners Question Time to Blackpool.

Everyone who attended at the Winter Gardens really enjoyed the show.

For those that don’t know, the episode will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Friday at 3pm and Sunday at 2pm.

As Coun Tony Williams and myself are about to undertake a big tree and shrub planting programme around Anchorsholme, including our two parks, I asked a question about which trees stand up to strong winds, salty air conditions and are fast growing.

I was impressed with the panel’s answers, and we will be using them as part of our planting programme in Anchorsholme.

Thank you once again to everyone who organised it, as it was both great fun and very informative.