Letters - August 1, 2012

FAST-PACED: Junk are appearing on the North Pier
FAST-PACED: Junk are appearing on the North Pier
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My wife and I visited North Pier to see the variety of shows on offer. Attendance was poor. These shows cater for most tastes, a couple in our opinion are a little dated, however, the pantomime was good. But my favourite by a mile was the show Junk on Sunday evenings – modern, funny, fast-paced and entertaining.

Junk by name, but certainly not by the performance. They were given a standing ovation, well-earned and warmly supplied.

We encourage readers to support the Sedgwick family and pier by attending the shows this summer.


South Shore

Thank you for printing the article about the Staining bus.

I catch the 15 bus in Staining, five mornings a week when on placement at Victoria Hospital. I went to catch the bus as normal on Monday (July 24), saw the number 2 passing at 7.24am, and thought it was strange to be coming through Staining. I got to the stop at 7.32am as usual for the 7.40am 15 bus to find the timetable had changed to the number 2.

I was not aware the bus was changing, as no signs at the stops had been put up, there has been no letters through the door or shop.

I read the times and it said 7.30am at Bibby Drive, but obviously it had left early.

This happened all week, passing Newton Hall at 7.25am, even at 7.20am instead of around 7.34am, so I had to walk from Staining to Victoria Hospital every day. I could not get to the stop any earlier as my child can’t be left at nursery until 7.30am.

I leave the house at 7.10am and it takes until 8am to get to the hospital at a power walking speed.

By the time I get there, I am shattered and I have an 8.5 hour shift to do on my feet, then the same walk on the way back – as I would be late for nursery if I waited for the bus.

It is really frustrating having our bus cancelled. The only advantage is later bus times out of the village.

The elderly residents can’t even go to Tesco’s supermarket as that bus was cancelled last year. The village is hard to walk round as it is with children, as cars break the 20mph speed limit – some doing 50 mph.

When it’s raining the cars regularly go straight through puddles soaking pedestrians. The other week my one-year-old daughter got soaked, she was wet all the way home in tears.

Something needs to be done.



This morning my husband and I returned from the town centre, on the number 3 bus to Tesco.

We have since found out that when the number 3 leaves Tesco, it becomes the number 4. Similarly when the number 4 leaves Tesco, it becomes the number 3.

Why do the drivers have to change the number on their bus, and return by a different route? The change of numbers certainly doesn’t help the passengers, and I thought changes to existing routes were for the benefit of the public. I fail to see how this is appropriate for anyones benefit.

I have seen the letters of support for our postmen, and I fully endorse everything that has been said.

Now I think it is time for some praise to be given to our bus drivers who are also a credit to us, especially with all these trivial changes.

They must be at the stage of not knowing whether they are coming or going.


Winster Place


What’s happening to Blackpool? We used to have all the best shows, now there are only old acts that have been going for years.

Some are nearly as old as me, and I’m 87. But I still like a good show and I have to go to Manchester to see it.

The only person I can go to see is Joe Longthorne at the Grand. He is the best of a bad bunch. Wake up Blackpool. Start bringing the best shows again.


Fleetwood Road


Blackpool Opera House has just seen a show to stand tall among the rest and best.

If what Britain needs is a community spirit with family as the focus, then look no further than the Nicky Figgins show Strictly Centre Stage.

Tinies, juniors, teenagers and seniors delighted audiences with a fantastic range of dancing, tapping, ballet and singing including extracts from famous productions.

The dedication of Miss Nicky and her staff, ably supported by parents is second to none.

Absolutely fabulous costumes made the show truly spectacular.

I saw the show three times with different members of the family. What a truly memorable experience.

I wish it was on again this week, repeats required please. An extremely, very proud nana.


Branstree Road


What a great letter about the trains we will have in 2017. They are electrics built in 1987, in York.

Well done to Stephen Brookes to see through this Tory con. But we are above the Watford Gap.

As an ex-railway man, all governments have wrecked our building of new trains, while Japan, Germany, France and Spain, USA are booming.


Cherry Tree Road