Letters - August 1

The RSPCA buildings in Marton- for story on the move to Hambleton.'3-9-2010
The RSPCA buildings in Marton- for story on the move to Hambleton.'3-9-2010
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MAY I thank the person who generously donated anonymously a substantial amount of cash to go towards building and equipping our operating theatre and recovery rooms at our new animal centre in Stalmine.

This project is well under way, but funds to maintain the programme are urgently needed.

There is a great demand for animal welfare in this area, so the sooner we can complete the new centre, the sooner we can further address animal welfare needs in this area.

The new centre will cater for a greater number of animals than we presently rescue, care for and rehome, at the old, crumbling and outdated centre on Division Lane.

We have to maintain the old centre, as well as fund the rebuild, because of the huge number of abused, neglected and abandoned animals entrusted into our care.

We are completely self-funding so if anyone is able to hold a fund-raising event, or make a donation, however small, then please contact the branch manager, or myself, at RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancs, Division Lane, Blackpool, telephone (01253) 763991.


RSPCA, honorary branch secretary


THE UK has 20,000km of coastline, with seas home to a stunning array of wildlife, from deep sea corals to dolphins, and even turtles.

So it’s a worrying fact that just two per cent of Britain’s seas are protected – and the figure falls to one per cent for our world’s oceans, covering 71 per cent of the planet’s surface.

The world’s rivers, aquifers and wetlands are also under increasing pressure, due to over use, pollution and the effects of climate change.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) wants your help to put this right. We have launched the Blue Mile campaign across the UK, and want people to support the campaign to protect rivers and seas.

Just organise a sponsored Blue Mile event at your local swimming pool, lido, or community sports group, or you can get family and friends together and do a sponsored walk or run alongside their favourite watery place.

Visit wwf.org.uk/bluemile to register or call 02392 312008.


WWF deputy director of programmes

NOT all patients consider the facilities at Moor Park fantastic (Gazette July 22).

It is more like a medical supermarket where patients have to travel some distance. Fine if you have transport but when you are old and infirm, how do you manage?

As supermarkets saw the demise of local shops, so it will be with local GP surgeries and local chemists.

Seating at the centre is uncomfortable . First floor for patients is fine if you are young and able, but what about the disabled?

This is not a case of a surgery moving to new premises, it represents a merger of all surgeries. Freedom of choice and information no longer exists.

A system that will become a systems failure for patients.

But this is not about staff, they do a great job, and no one would deny them their best working conditions.

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