Letters - August 01, 2014

Sand extraction  Is this an environmental ticking time bomb?
Sand extraction Is this an environmental ticking time bomb?
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Monitor impact of sand extraction

St annes beach


We are in an age when health and safety prevails over good sense, when fracking is a cracking subject for debate and controversy, and where 20mph road signs are deemed by some hair-brained public servants to be a perfectly viable alternative to well surfaced and maintained highways.

Yet I wonder whether any kind of monitoring takes place concerning the extraction, over many, many years, of hundreds of thousands of tons of sand from St Annes Beach.

Wagons with massive capacities queue through the days, year in and year out to exploit this bonanza.

How will it end?

Is there any ongoing geological study being effected?

Do we have to wait for an ‘event’ to concentrate official minds and ‘learn lessons’.

Are the emergency services au fait with procedures in the event of something happening?


Highbury Road East

St Annes

Beware trusting ‘experts’


Replying to Frank McLaughlin (Your Say July 29), I am shocked he is in favour of shale gas as he trusts the ‘experts’ to know the risks, so drilling 
underground is safe.

The democratic process is our safeguard and we can be assured the ‘experts’ will keep communities safe.

This is a delusion, as ‘experts’ will always be found wanting. Remember the 
nuclear disaster at Windscale (now Sellafield)? The fire at Windscale in a nuclear reactor caused radioactivity to be released into the atmosphere.

It took three years for the Conservative Government underMcMillan to admit the ‘experts’ were wrong in the design of the reactor.

Experts disagreed on the design and politics effectively put an end to the truth of the extent of the disaster.

The people living at Seascale were at extreme risk through radioactive contamination.

Three Mile Island nuclear accident and Chernobyl were also catastrophes with ‘experts’ involved.

Our expert weather man in the 80s, Michael Fish, failed to predict the worst gale of the century.

We used to trust banks didn’t we?

Until the experts regulating the banking industry failed to spot the inadequate procedures within misselling insurance.

The list is endless and within a psychological analysis we know why.

Experts training for years are recognised for their knowledge andy command respect.

Situations however will degrade their ability as they are affected by events and politicians who intervene.

When it comes to shale gas, in Pennsylvania now, the auditor with oversight of the health and safety commission is rebuking the regulators for failing to deal with some 60 or so files of complaints from people suffering from water pollution from shale gas drilling.

Some experts within the shale industry however warn of the dangers and have joined the anti­fracking lobby.

Lesson is; we need to pick our experts with care!

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue

North Shore

Swooping seagulls


Maybe the hot weather has something to do with it!

I am talking about the aerial displays of seagulls.

Their diving and swooping could do justice to any Red Arrows display, and it is within rooftop view.

The cacophony of sound adds to the entertainment.

I don’t think this is happening only in this part of town.

Could a bird expert explain this phenomenon?

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue


Summer in the park

Cycle stamp

Tomorrow from 2pm to 5pm in Eastpines Park on Luton Road in Anchorsholme, we have 
organised a free cycle stamping event in connection with Lancashire Constabulary.

If you own a bike and want to make sure it is securely stamped and registered with the national database please come down.

Once registered on the 
database, if it is stolen, it can be traced straight back to the owner.

It’is all part of Coun Williams and our plans for ‘Summer in the Park’, including free football coaching provided by Blackpool Football Community Trust every Friday and Monday evening from 6pm to 9pm for ages 7 to 19.

We also have free sports training for five to seven- year- olds on Monday mornings in the Park from 10am to 12pm.

If you can come and support the events and the park it would be great to see you.

Paul Galley

Councillor for Anchorsholme

Residents need new shops


In some areas, residents don’t want more food stores and are fed up of the spread of Tesco Express etc. But on Grange Park, it sounds like people really need more shops (Gazette July 31). Let’s hope developers listen and the recently sold former Dinmore Pub is given a new lease of life as a shop.

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