Letters - April 9, 2014

ALL SMILES A doctor's visit to a primary school to promote healthy teeth has drawn praise
ALL SMILES A doctor's visit to a primary school to promote healthy teeth has drawn praise
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Look after your teeth

All smiles!

Dr Zubair Bagasi deserves to be complimented on making the time to talk to the pupils at Revoe Primary School in Blackpool about looking after their teeth and providing them with new toothbrushes and adult toothpaste (All Smiles after dental Lesson, Gazette April 2).

A report by Public Health England showed high incidence of tooth decay among children living in the North West, especially in Blackpool.

The England average was 27.9 per cent, North West 34.8 per cent and Blackpool 40.2 per cent.

According to the chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter, the link between oral health and overall body health is well documented and backed by robust scientific evidence.

People with gum disease have an increased risk of suffering from stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

Brushing one’s teeth properly and looking after the gums can improve overall health and reduce risk of health problems.

If we are to ensure that our children grow up to be healthy adults we should take all necessary steps including improving their dental hygiene.

The council, public health, education authorities, local businesses and volunteer agencies such as Rotary could perhaps join together with a view to extending the educational programme of the type undertaken by Dr Bagasi to all the primary schools in the town.

Dr Kadaba “Vas” Vasudev

Consultant Pathologist


Silverdale Road

St Annes

Ex-staff deserve passes

Free travel

While I agree with ‘sandgrown commuter’ regarding Wyre pensioners should travel free and not pensioners from other areas of the country (Your Say April 7), his or her comments about ex-employees I do not.

Only retired employees are allowed a free pass, most of whom have accumulated a lot of years service.

I myself have one of these passes after 16 years service.

As for not deserving these passes, we have during those years had to work unsociable hours, bank holidays etc and often to endure drunken threatening behaviour and even physical assault.

Not only do we deserve these passes, we have earned them.


North Albert Street


Losing our sovereignty

Power grab

Do those who think like Mike Turner (Gazette April 5) not realise the real issue now is not so much to do with trade as sovereignty - our sovereignty!

Every new directive from Brussels insidiously denies us our democratic right to choose for ourselves.

Your columnist Chris Moncrieff is quite right to warn against Brussels’ grab for power. That is exactly how dictatorships arise!

Do not forget we originally joined a ‘Common Market’ not a political union, but failed to see it coming.

We still want to trade with Europe but if it is necessary to break with the EU to regain our full sovereignty then so be it.

Norway and Switzerland appear to thrive while being out of the EU.

Charles Fletcher


Blackpool marathon

Took pity

Although I would never have the stamina or talent to run anything like a marathon, I was delighted together with a number of local Rotarians to act as a steward at this event.

My base was at Dean Street, South Shore, where after a mild start the weather closed in and soon was soaking wet and cold!

I write to express my gratitude to the owner of the Sands Hotel who took pity on my shivering form and brought me a welcome hot drink and a chocolate biscuit.

I am sure any visitor to the hotel would be made very welcome at this family run hotel which is the backbone of our holiday trade.

Christopher Beverley


Rotary Club of Blackpool

Most important job


We are all aware many babies today are brought up unwanted, unloved and neglected.

Being a parent is the most important job in the world, but no other job has the same negative impact on society if it is not done properly.

The whole of society suffers when that fractured, undisciplined child is growing up, for the cycle of resentment, hate, mistrust and damaging behaviour goes on into adulthood.

A child is the most precious gift from God and should be treated with love, respect and gratitude.

This should be taught in schools with the emphasis put on the responsibility of bringing up a child.

As our child grows into an adult and we ourselves grow older, we can see with immeasurable pride, the results of our labours in the person who, at our demise, can carry on where we left off with the same standards and values.

What a legacy we leave behind!

Mrs J. Geddes

Whitemoss Avenue