Letters - April 8, 2011

Carl Schofield
Carl Schofield
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I ATTENDED a charity night at Layton Institute organised by local and international comedian Carl Schofield for the charity The Not Forgotten Association.

Carl and all his entertaining colleagues put on a truly wonderful show that was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by all the audience, the place was packed to capacity – and that really is something for a Sunday night in Blackpool in March.

I would personally like to say a big thank you to all the entertainers who took part, and also to Layton Institute for allowing the use of their venue. I believe £2,811.50 was raised.

I think we can all rest assured The Not Forgotten Association will never be forgotten as long as Carl and his wonderful friends have anything to do with it.


Bryning Avenue


(Editor’s note: The Not Forgotten Association provides entertainment and activities for ex-military personnel)

Residents have already shown that they do not want gas storage in their back yard. Plans have been rejected three times before. Now they come back with a new name and smaller plans. Could it be they are hoping to get these smaller plans passed and then once in operation go for expansion?


We’d all like more jobs in the area. But I don’t want to get cancer, have my home’s foundations disturbed, or be blown up as a consequence. And I don’t want that to happen to anyone else on the Fylde coast. I want proper independent scientific tests to prove it’s safe before they go ahead.


The United Kingdom does need extra gas storage to smooth out the effect of reducing North Sea supplies which now only make up around 45% of our demand. I’m not sure whether the storage should be on land though. It may be safer to develop more sites using depleted North Sea fields like Centrica’s huge rough gas storage site in the North Sea.


I say bring the gas. We need somewhere to store it anyway in this world of natural resource shrinkage. Just wait until Russia starts flexing its muscles and starts turning our supply off in winter unless we pay 20% more.