Letters - April 7

Suzanne Newton at her mum's house in Blackpool-where the copper piping was stolen from.
Suzanne Newton at her mum's house in Blackpool-where the copper piping was stolen from.
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TWO stories in The Gazette caught my attention, the first involving my local church.

A grant has been given to improve facilities within our building on Victoria Street.

It is hoped improvements will attract the local community within the Revoe area.

As an active church, we also outreach to the vulnerable and needy, and often are approached to provide accommodation, sometimes on a temporary basis, and often on a more permanent basis.

I was in the process of setting up a project with the help of a friend, who had found it was necessary to leave her property empty while she was away on personal business.

Realising it was unwise to leave the address empty for a long period, it was agreed I could make use of it in connection with the outreach we do at church.

What happened next ties in with the second article that caught my attention – about the callous thieves robbing the elderly brother and sister on Raikes Parade of their copper piping (Gazette April 2).

I was horrified to discover, when checking my friend’s property, that the back window had been put through and the house left like something of a war zone after floorboards had been ripped up to get to copper piping.

Plaster was chipped, radiators ripped out and the cistern ripped out.

A house destroyed and a good, caring person devastated.

I cannot conceive what was in the minds of the people who did this, but its effect has disturbed many.


Westmoreland Road


IS the swallow I saw flying round Lawson Road fields on March 31 the earliest this year. Or have any readers spotted an earlier one?

I would like to hear of any others. It is two weeks early.


Lincoln Road


THE sound of an axe being ground came from the letter Solarium’s Too Cold (Letters March 30).

I’ve been in the Solaris three times since the council handed it over to private enterprise, and it wasn’t cold.

I’ll be popping in regularly.

Name and address supplied

I WAS most concerned to read of the cavalier way our councillors decided to go against the advice of Fylde council’s planning officers to approve yet more houses for Warton. (Gazette March 29).

Having lived in the village for more than 40 years, we have witnessed an ever increasing number of houses being built here, with little regard or improvements to the basic infrastructure, especially the drainage system.

Following cloudbursts, we have experienced street manhole covers lifting due to excessive water pressure, causing localised flooding to our road and gardens.

I sincerely believe our drainage system is now barely adequate for all the previous new-build that has occurred here.

We need assurance that the additional run-off from this new development will not have an adverse effect on properties to the west of Church Road.


Beech Avenue