Letters - April 6

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AS founder of the Grandparents In Need Association, I am so pleased by the realisation grandparents are important and are being granted more rights.

In the late 1990s, my late husband Jim and I were forced to go to court to gain access to our grandson, who we had looked after for many years due to his parents being separated.

This cost us thousands and we won the right to see our own grandson only a few hours once a month.

The news about legal rights being granted even when parents are separated is wonderful. Grandparents are the backbone when families need help.

My late husband, who died of Alzheimers in 2007, will be smiling.


Weeton Avenue


YET another tragedy on Blackpool’s Promenade. Another life lost and another shattered family.

Maybe Coun Henry Mitchell and senior council officers could explain why the new sea has designed into it all the features that have cost so many lives already.

It is the steps leading to the sea where all the lives are lost.

The whole of the new Promenade is just that, steps leading to the sea and a continuous walk way which is swept by waves at high tide.

I understand the council has no plans to chain or barrier this section. It is plain to me the council has put aesthetics over public safety.

To add to this the council has chosen to savage the budget of the Beach Patrol Service which prevents hundreds of dangerous situations each year as well as entering the water to pull people to safety whenever possible.


REGARDING incapacity benefits and reassessment of claimants, while I believe those who can work should and accept there is a problem with fraudulent claims, I think it creates a conflict of interest if private companies are to be paid £14,000 for each person they get back into work.

How can they possibly assess someone fairly if they are paid on the number of people they consider fit to work?

It is in their interest to class as many as possible fit and I believe they will do just that without sympathy or empathy to a claimant.


St Martin’s Road

South Shore