Letters - April 5, 2011

The Grand Theatre
The Grand Theatre
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Not all theatres can announce good news as recently reported in The Gazette concerning the Grand’s £120,000 cash windfall from the UK Arts Council.

Many patrons will recall our manager Neil Thomson’s predecessor who came from the Civic Theatre in Darlington, County Durham.

Sadly the Civic Theatre has now closed due to lack of funding and presently up for sale.

Some friends I know in the area have said they don’t think it will open as a theatre again, others are hopeful an entertainment company will be interested.

It’s all the more prominent when our Grand celebrates 30 years of its re-opening as a theatre again after its demise and near demolition.

Thankfully due to all concerned and regular sponsors our Matcham’s Masterpiece is going strong, so spare a thought for the poor Darlington Civic and the regular patrons and audiences it has brought happiness to over the years.

The nearest theatre now for people in the area is 20 or 30 miles away in Newcastle and Sunderland.


Ashton Road, Blackpool

I refer to your report regarding the proposed new Booths stor for Poulton (The Gazette, April 1).

While welcoming this news we again have to suffer the views of the self appointed conscience of Poulton.

I refer to the consorts of CROPS (Concerned Residents of Poulton) who I hope are pleased and satisfied that due to their opposition Poulton is unlikely ever to attain medical facilities fit for the 21st century

F.J. Vickers

Levens Drive Poulton le Fylde

I read that St Chads & Waterloo Headlands are being resurfaced (The Gazette, March 31).

Apparently the surface which was laid just two years ago was only meant to be temporary.

Would it not have saved money to have put the proper surface on at the beginning, instead of spending more money now ripping it up?

This extra job will result in more traffic congestion as contractors; now will return to complete the job.

I ask the same question regarding the tramway system.

Rail sleepers were replaced just three years ago, along the stretch from the Cabin on the Cliffs through to Bispham and beyond.

Now over the past few months’ tracks have been removed and stretches concreted. If that work is necessary for the new trams surely the council would have known three years ago. Therefore why wasn’t it done properly before?

The whole of the town is gridlocked for many hours each day.

Jack Croysdill

Queens Promenade