Letters - April 4, 2011

Potholes in Highfield Road, South Shore.
Potholes in Highfield Road, South Shore.
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NOW Blackpool Council has received funds for the maintenance of roads, in particular potholes, (Gazette March 28) would it be possible to repair the potholes on Highfield Road, between Midgeland Road down to Common Edge Road, as a matter of urgency?

This stretch is an absolute disgrace, and each time I have to drive down it, which is frequently, I shudder for the damage that is being caused to my car’s suspension and tyres.

These potholes resemble bomb craters, and need rectifying as soon as possible.

This stretch of road is the main road to Booths supermarket and also a school so gets very busy at times.


Gordale Close

AS an ex-Blackpool resident, and former pupil of Layton Hill Convent School, now St Mary’s College, friends send me articles from The Gazette. Recently the controversial development at St Mary’s has caused me great concern.

In one article about the development (Gazette February 25), the headteacher states “difficult decisions had to be made as we were keen to preserve the historic, older parts of the building”.

Yet plans have been passed which will, in the future, see the demolition of substantial parts of the original 1870 building.

What could be more historic than the original building?

The south-facing 1870 building, with its steep pitched roof, is clearly visible from St Walburga’s Road and Newton Drive. It forms a vital part of this iconic Victorian heritage. Surely this historic building should be kept intact?

The impressive 1870 frontage has long been one of the few non-commercial buildings of note along the Fylde coast to which the proposed entrances would only serve as a disfigurement. Surely it is not too late for the architects to rethink their overall design?

C MORTON (nee Dagleish)



IN response to the letter about the chaos with the traffic lights at the Caunce Street/Grosvenor Street junction.

One of the worst examples of this is with the lights at the junction of South Park Drive and Preston Old Road. If you are coming from Preston Old Road to South Park Drive you’re lucky if the lights let three cars through.

Also if you’re coming from South Park Drive (northbound), and wish to turn right into Preston Old Road, you sometimes have to wait for the lights to go back to red again. These lights need recalibrating and staggering.


Deepdale Road


ON behalf of the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Branch of the MS Society, we extend our sincere thanks to the kind people of Lytham St Annes who donated money during our collection at the Booths store on Woodlands Road in Ansdell, on Saturday March 12.

A fantastic total of £254.11 was raised.

Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated.

MS Society

Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Branch