Letters - April 29, 2015

The proposed site of a �14m Holiday Inn in Blackpool
The proposed site of a �14m Holiday Inn in Blackpool
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No brainer!

Is the current council simply arrogant and uninterested in the history and future of Blackpool and its residents?

If the millions of ratepayers’ money they are forking out to build a hotel on the old St John’s market site, with the demolished ABC site as its car park, isn’t bad enough, why can’t they just stop and think of a better solution if they are determined to go ahead?

Considering the criticism and bad press the council has received over this project, you would think they would prefer an option that would create some good PR.

Such as, why not build the new hotel on the old ABC theatre site, and theme the hotel to reflect the site’s history, from the Hippodrome to the ABC – iconic performers from Marie Lloyd and Vesta Tilley, to Hollywood greats like Bette Davis, to the Beatles and the great pop groups of the 1960s, all of whom have all performed there over the past 100 years.

Then, the St John’s market end could be the new hotel’s car park.

That way, the new hotel could be a great hub for the redevelopment of the town centre, close to the Winter Gardens and Opera House.

It just seems a no-brainer to me.

David Slattery-Christy

Whitegate Drive




I was astonished and deeply disappointed to read Alison Jack, the wife of our respected former MP, is publicly supporting a non-Conservative candidate, Mike Hill, standing in the constituency of Fylde in the General Election.

In this most closely fought and crucial election for decades, it is dispiriting to read unhelpful, unwarranted and ill-informed views from a person who no longer has any political connection with the constituency.

What if Mr Hill were to win the seat and the Tories fall short of a majority by one?

How clever would she feel then?

Many of us in the Fylde Conservative Association rallied to the call willingly when her husband was seeking election, and this is the thanks she gives to all those who offered their time, energy and money to help his campaigns over 23 years.

I understand Mrs Jack is still a member of the Conservative Party, and is supporting the Tory candidate in the constituency in which she now lives.

What a kick in the teeth for the local Conservative members who worked so hard for so many years to get her husband elected.

All members of the party are duty bound to support Conservative candidates and work for a Tory government.

I trust the party will take note of Mrs Jack’s intervention and take the appropriate action.

Michael Withers

Regent Avenue




I wholeheartedly agree with Tom Walmsley (Your Say, April 14) and Will Greaves ( Your Say, April 20).

How could we let go an airport the envy of many a town and city?

I am a pensioner in my eighties, and my friends and I frequently enjoyed our flights from Blackpool.

Now that has ceased.

I tried flying to Benidorm from Manchester, but never again.

It was like a cattle market, and I could not cope.

There were no complaints about the flight, but by the time I reached the hotel I was exhausted and it took 24 hours to recover.

Coming home was horrendous, and I had to wait an hour for the luggage to come through.

Ahead of the elections, the prospective MPs have made all kinds of promises about bringing jobs etc to Blackpool, but not one has mentioned Blackpool Airport.

They just don’t want to know.

Please, don’t let this gem be lost.

Surely any prospective MP for Blackpool might fight for us, and this would attract more votes for them.

Bring back an international airport to Blackpool, and Blackpool will prosper.

Frances Keane

Condor Grove