Letters - April 29, 2014

Traffic chaos on the A585, approaching the Kirkham junction of the M55. The road is a key link between Fleetwood and the motorway.
Traffic chaos on the A585, approaching the Kirkham junction of the M55. The road is a key link between Fleetwood and the motorway.
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A585 scheme is ‘pitiful’

Lost out

I was saddened to read your article concerning the A585 (Gazette, April 23).

For 20 years we have been demanding a new road to alleviate the A585 ; it’s so obvious and all we have got is a pitiful attempt at widening a junction.

Coun Penny Martin is correct and it’s a very poor sticking plaster. However I believe Wyre Council is responsible for this mess.

Around 2005 the then Government offered the yellow route, and this route was supported by the public when the Highways Agency did their consultation, as the public’s number one choice.

Yet the councils went against the Government and public opinion and went for the blue route which was contrary to Ggovernment policy, regarding motorway junctions.

This perverse behaviour cost us a new road. Despite the Government relenting and finally agreeing to the blue route, the money had gone and now Morecambe is getting its relief road; their gain is our loss.

Now the Lancashire Enterprise Report regarding the A585 estimates the cost of the blue route as £200m, putting it even further out of reach. We have lost Fleetwood as a port as a result and still have no rail connection.

Throw in the fact Wyre Council is obsessively allowing every spare bit of land to be built for housing and another 8,000 houses are expected to be authorised by the ‘planners’ in the near future, and the fact Wyre Council is so unwilling to use statutory powers to obtain money for road improvements, we are now in a crisis situation.

By Wyre Council putting other interests before the public interest, it’s difficult to see how this situation can continue without immediate action, ie. a new road.

Thank you Wyre Council for creating a Wyre car park, and causing Stena to leave, killing Fleetwood for good.

Graham Jackson

Fleetwood Road


Parking restrictions


I think the H bar parking restriction is a scandal.

This is the white line that you can have painted across the front of your house.

Now I don’t think for one minute that anyone should block a driveway etc, but I cannot believe you can buy 50 feet of the street for your own private use.

A H bar should be limited to an entry / access point for vehicles , eg. three metres, not 12 metres. What a win-win situation this is for the council , first they charge the owner for the line , then issue a ticket for £35 ( rising to £70 if not paid quickly ) if you park on it.

The best trick is the owner can park on it so you can’t see it so when you reverse park up to their vehicle you don’t know your on it.

If they then move and you are on it by an inch, that’s another few pounds in the kitty .

Surely the only answer is that there should be no parking at all including for the owner.I have written to the council about this, but have had no reply.

Most people don’t even know the rules on H bars.

If you suddenly find your street or your neighbour has bought his piece of street, shouldn’t they inform adjacent properties of the rules .

You need to see the one next door to me, which is 60 feet long.

John Hill

(By email)

Pedestrians cannot cross

No lights

I noted the letter about Plymouth Road roundabout (Your Say, April 25).

Yes it is easier and quicker for cars, buses and wagons to get round now the traffic lights are not in use at the 

But this fails to take into 
account pedestrians crossing the road.

There are quite a few people who need to cross this road at this point and without lights the cars will not stop to allow this to happen.

I can remember prior to the lights going up you were taking your life in your hands when you were crossing Plymouth Road.

I can remember cars suddenly turning without any signals and I clearly remember shouting at them ‘I can’t read your mind’.

I don’t think anything has changed since then.

Terry Bennett

Dinmore Avenue


Federal superstate


It is our own fault that over
 the years we have allowed 
the economic and 
agricultural Common 
Market to grow 
into a federal superstate.

We had signs earlier on about it but because we didn’t object in time we lost the opportunity to make vital decisions regarding our own destiny.

Dozens of legislations 
came into force and let’s face 
it they were not for our 

Despite this, some people are still EU fanatics.

Mori Polls say 69 per cent to 80 per cent of people would like to come out of the EU, or at least would like a referendum now.

What kind of democracy is it which does not allow its citizens to vote, even on your own car registration.

C. Victor De-Nagy