Letters - April 27, 2012

View of Poulton Town Centre
View of Poulton Town Centre
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IN response to Coun McCann (Letters April 20), where he lists the millions of pounds being invested in Fleetwood, would he care to carry out a similar exercise and identify how much money is being injected into Poulton-le-Fylde?

And when people express concern, why does he accuse them of running towns down, as he does when referring to Mr Squire’s observations? (Letters April 12).

A considerable number of residents have concerns at the way some areas have been neglected. Sadly, Poulton is one of them.

I am aware of development proposals being put forward, but we need immediate action to put some very basic things right, which reflect badly on the town’s image and perception.

I’m expressing care and concern, not running the town down.



BY deliberately focusing media attention on re-evaluating safety measures, Cuadrilla hope to squash people’s fears of further earthquakes.

I would argue that the continuous rupture and vibration of the earth’s natural plates, from the operation of many drilling wells, may lead to a geological vulnerability of this region for many years to come.

However, the real threat lies in relation to a possible radiation leak and of chemical spillage. The environment is for us all to enjoy and protect – not to abuse it for our selfish and immediate needs.

I feel we need to take seriously the damage we are doing to the environment, which may also be damaging towards future generations, and their susceptibility towards cancer and other diseases.

Also, the relatively few permanent full time jobs and promises of wonderful revenue it might bring, will not offset the detrimental affect it will certainly have on our local tourism economy.


TO frack, or not to frack? That is the question.

In view of all the recent hysteria regarding this subject when are the luddites and creators of fairy tale fantasies going to face up to reality and admit that the only chance of this area of the UK to regain any sort of prosperity, is to proceed with extracting shale gas from western Lancashire.

The creation of thousands of jobs for our youngsters is of critical importance with cheap energy for pensioners a bonus.

The saying: “Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story” applies to the fact that there are 16 minor earth tremors annually somewhere in mainland UK.

That two occurred just when drilling started was merely a coincidence.


Grange Road