Letters - April 27

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THE Campaign for Better Transport is urging everyone to use public transport over the Bank Holiday weekends to reduce carbon footprints (whatever they are).

Has anyone from the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) actually been on a bus lately?

Two of the largest bus operators, Stagecoach and Arriva, are driving round at the moment with notices on all their buses stating that, for the five Bank Holidays in April and May, they will be operating a Sunday Service. This means a lot of places did not have a bus passing through on three days of the Easter holiday, and won’t have a bus passing through for the Royal Wedding weekend.

Do these clever CBT people have any suggestions about how to get about without a car?



IN response to the Supporting Our Brave shop being refused a licence (Gazette April 11), as a Royal Signals veteran, and a proud volunteer of Supporting Our Brave, I would like to point out myself and other volunteers have never asked for donations.

Our collecting tins were discreetly placed on a table top, which houses our background music system.

The vast majority of people visiting our free exhibition express their delight at the work, and would like to see a unit like ours in their towns.

If some of these so-called informed councillors took the trouble to see the work we do, they may have a different opinion.

The support of locals and visitors is overwhelming. Isn’t it a pity the council cannot show the same support?


Longton Road


WELL done to the council and partners for the safe haven bus (Gazette April 23).

This is an invaluable service to the night-time pub-goers and clubbers, and it does justice to the largest late night industry in the North West. Let’s hope other towns and cities follow.


National Pubwatch North West