Letters - April 26, 2016

The thorny subject of school holidays has provoked a lively debate
The thorny subject of school holidays has provoked a lively debate
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School holiday rules should be obeyed

I feel we should let common sense prevail regarding school holidays (Gazette, April 21).

A good idea may be to obtain the dates from the two schools then book a holiday when both children are away.

Too simple ?

How about, instead of home-schooling children, try teaching them that it is important to obey the rules we all live by.

My parents would not have dreamed of whining because they had to wait a little before we went away, although we hardly were able to do that as my father was self-employed, so no work no wages.

What is wrong with people who place school second to holidays then think they are badly done to? For heavens sake, get your priorities right.

Schooling is so important, this woman’s actions are so insulting to the poor teachers who have to deal with ignorant people like her.


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Walk-in centre was very reassuring

I am 66 years old, and have had a constant cough for two weeks.

I was ‘triaged’ by my GP last Thursday, and told to carry on with Paracetamol and hot drinks. Things didn’t improve, so I went to the medical centre this morning to ask for an appointment either today or tomorrow with a GP.

I was very disappointed to be told that the first available appointment was Thursday, so I decided to go to the Whitegate Drive Walk-in Centre.

I hadn’t been there before, but I just gave some details to the pleasant receptionist, waited about half an hour, and was then seen by a lovely nurse, who was extremely thorough, kind and pleasant.

She examined me, diagnosed a chest infection, and prescribed a course of antibiotics. I came way feeling much happier, and the whole experience was very reassuring – well done to the excellent staff at Whitegate Drive Walk-in Centre.

Gill Clapham

Rockingham Road



Celebrations were mere propaganda

Congratulations to the ‘Royal Firm’ for their usual slick manipulation of a willing mass media of press and television, in promoting the concept of Monarchy in the guise of celebrating the Queen’s ninetieth birthday. As a staunch Republican I know I will be in a minority in my regard of this Institution. Had her odious consort worn the crown, I believe the ranks of Republicans would have greatly increased. Let us see if her eldest son receives similar acclaim to his mother, when and if he takes over the job?

Denis Lee

via email


Will we see Camilla ever become queen?

With the Queen having celebrated her 90th birthday, I wonder if now is a good time to address the position of what will happen to Camilla if Charles duly becomes King?

Given that we have had divorced kings with more than one wife before, I can’t see why she won’t become Queen Camilla.

Tim Mickleburgh

via email


Let’s have a tramline referendum here

Once again, Stephen Pierre puts forward a common sense argument against the tram line and the expense incurred.

We need his kind in public service.

I would suggest we have a referendum on this tram extension proposal.

Make Blackpool Council take note of the true wishes of Blackpool folk.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue



Dog fouling solution was a bit extreme

Brian Crawford’s solutions to dog fouling seem a bit extreme to say the least (Your Say, Gazette, April 22).

By all means fine the owners if they fail to pick up after allowing their dogs to foul the footpath, but to recommend having their pets ‘put down’ if they can’t (or won’t) pay the fine, is just crazy.

Why punish the dog for answering a call of nature?

He goes on to say that the same rule could eventually be applied to people who spit, drop chewing gum or cigarette ends. Are we going to have them ‘put down’ as well?

Malcolm Boyce

Deepdale Road



Osborne’s spreading false scare stories

All the false scare stories from the government do not add up most of the time, but to say we would each be £4,300 worse off if we left the EU is pure speculation.

Mr Osborne made mistakes repeatedly in the past, and this is just another one.

All the medias are admitting there are too many migrants arriving in this country and nothing to stop it.

With Turkey’s 77 million we allow millions a chance to join the UK. They still do not understand that we are over-populated and the only chance we have is to vote on June 23 to leave Brussels and have our country and border back with a sovereign parliament.

C Victor De Nagy

Gill Court

South Shore