Letters - April 26, 2013

Coun Edmund Wynne and his son Robert
Coun Edmund Wynne and his son Robert
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Edmund Wynne

Happy memories

I would like to forward our club’s wonderful memories of Edmund Wynne.

He was an animal lover and would do anything to help local animal clubs.

Years ago my late husband and I met Edmund at a Wyre Animal Sanctuary function in Cleveleys.

On behalf of our recently formed and Kennel Club dog training club he agreed to be our president – a post he held for many years.

He helped us acquire Lawsons Field for our annual dog obedience show as he thought it marvelous a household pet could be trained to this standard.

He thought people would like to see well behaved dogs being handled by children, adults and senior citizens.

He was also president of a local amateur football club and helped us find a venue when it was Blackpool’s turn to host the Inter-Pennine dog obedience rally as football was out of season.

He would do anything to help and was very keen on dogs behaving in the town, and was the first councillor to take on board poop scoops being used in the town.

Marlyn Harwood


Tower Dog Training Club

Illegal Eagles review

Band was faultless

I felt I had to write after reading Steve Canavan’s review of the Illegal Eagles gig at the Grand (Gazette April 22)

I don’t think he was at the same gig as the rest of us.

He got one thing right and that is the band are fine musicians and faultless singers.

But I take issue with him saying that they didn’t include humour or jokes in their act.

The drummer came to the front twice and not just to promote their CD, as Steve says, but to introduce us to the history of the band and its members.

There was banter between them about his lack of knowledge on Facebook and about the size of guitars etc.

They had a good rapport with the audience encouraging us to dance and sing along and even spoke to Bobby Ball who was in the audience.

They also took time to meet the audience to chat afterwards.

They most definitely didn’t just stand there and only introduce and play their songs.

Also the reviewer could not have been a true music fan saying it wasn’t worth £20 as you might as well just play the CD.

A live concert, especially when the band play and sing so well, is well worth the ticket price.

As an Eagles fan (having seen the real band four times) I would love to go to see the real band more often, but they don’t tour here often, so I get my Eagles fix, as I am sure others do, by going to see the Illegal Eagles who have worked so hard to recreate the sound brilliantly.

Mrs Pat Harvie

Balham Avenue


Charlie Cairoli statue

Better in park?

How sad to see the photograph showing the unveiling of Charlie Cairoli’s statue in Stanley Park (Gazette April 22).

This should surely have been situated in the centre of the Comedy Carpet, along with the other entertainers who have been in Blackpool over the years.

This would be opposite The Tower where Charlie entertained thousands of holidaymakers and residents for so many years.

How many people are going to see the statue out in Stanley Park?


Cornwall Avenue


Airport disturbance

It’s not noisy

I really don’t understand the problem Mr Davies from Sandgate writes about regarding noise from Blackpool Airport (Letters, April 23).

He says ‘it’s like living in a beehive from 10am to 8am’.

My flat overlooks the airport. In fact there is nothing between my flat and the main runway 300yds away and I’ve never had a problem with aircraft noise.

I am certainly not ‘tormented’ as Mr Davies puts it by 
aircraft noise.

I believe a Jet2 takes off most mornings at 6.30am but it never wakes me up and there is rarely any aircraft movement after 9.30pm at night.

When the summer schedules come in there are usually a couple of landings at about 11.30pm, just on Saturday nights, but there are certainly no aircraft movements after that until the next morning.

Let’s face it, Squires Gate is hardly a busy airport.

There aren’t passenger jets landing and taking off every half an hour especially since Ryanair pulled out a few years ago.

When I bought my flat I was obviously aware it was overlooking an airport but it was my choice to buy it .

It will be the choice of people as to whether or not they buy a house close to the flight path on the proposed new development on the old Pontins’ site.

If aircraft noise ‘torments’ you then simply don’t buy a house near an airport.

‘Lozz’ Rose

The Hamlet

St Annes

Thanks to vets

Help at sad time

I agree about Vets4Pets.

In March I had to have my cat put to sleep.

The support I got from Martin, Dannielle and all the staff was kindness itself.

W. Collier

Hazelwood Close