Letters - April 25, 2014

Calls are growing for Blackpool Council to leave the roundabout on Plymouth Road and Poulton Road as it is, without traffic lights.
Calls are growing for Blackpool Council to leave the roundabout on Plymouth Road and Poulton Road as it is, without traffic lights.
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Plymouth Road


I am writing in reference to the Plymouth Road roundabout, which has temporarily got no traffic lights.

It has been suggested (Gazette, April 18), that because of the success of the smooth flow of traffic around it without the lights, that these should be abolished altogether.

Yes please! It is a splendid idea.

Not only is it less frustrating (not having to wait for them to go green), but it also saves valuable time which in this frenetic world, is a bonus.

The accepted rule that you give way to traffic on your right has been working well, and most drivers will welcome this initiative.

Mrs J. Geddes

Whitemoss Avenue


Prime Minister is right


I must come out in support of our Prime Minister and his comments on being a Christian society.

Our country rightly or wrongly was built on Christian beliefs as the Prime Minister of Australia has already asserted about the 
development of Australia.

Being a Christian is not just a religion, it is a way of life or values.

It may have escaped your notice but all our towns, cities, villages and rural areas are covered with Christian churches which shaped our history which I might add is not a bad history.

Our country has achieved unbelievably great things under a Christian mantle, so let’s not hear any more about not being a Christian society.

I am not a church goer but I believe I have lived my life in a Christian way, caring greatly for my neighbours and friends.

What some people are saying is they don’t believe in God, and that is their right but please do not decry other people who do believe, and get an amazing amount of solace from that.

If you do not believe in God that is your right but leave other people to make up their own minds.

Mr Cameron is saying what he believes and that is his right. Who’s to say that he’s wrong.

Ask yourself why is it so many people wish to come to the UK, it is because we are so accepting of their 
beliefs and welcome them as brothers.

This country fought for freedom of speech and I will not let people diminish it.

Bruce Allen

Hawkshead Terrace


Roads are neglected


The state of our roads is the result of years of neglect by the council.

It’s no good them blaming weather conditions or any other contributing factor.

They have failed miserably to understand the long term consequences of ignoring road maintenance.

Potholes appear and they are filled by some inexperienced individual with a bucket of bit-mac only for the potholes to reappear again a few weeks later.

This continuing merry-go-round is costing many thousands of pounds from our council tax and achieves absolutely nothing.

Potholes appear not through the failure of the road surface but through the failure of the underlying road base-layers which in turn causes the surfaces to fail.

So along comes the guy with his bucket of bit-mac and fills in the surface faults on top of the existing underlying base-layer faults and so this shoddy workmanship goes on continually.

I don’t know how the contracts are awarded for road repairs but someone should monitor how the work is carried out before they sign the bills for payment.

I sometimes wonder what the council spend our council tax on and if we are getting value for money!

Derek Bunting

Birkdale Avenue


Sacking of David Moyes

Why a fuss?

Why all the fuss about the sacking of David Moyes?

His failure is a classic example of the Peter Principle.

This management theory states people are frequently promoted to their level of 

As for feeling sorry for him, a £4.3m pay-off for a 10-month failure plus what he has already been paid should ease the pain somewhat. I now await Alex Ferguson surfacing to admit he made a major error in appointing Moyes. I fear it will be a long wait.

Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close


Whitegate Drive group

Pay attention

I realise Mr Slattery-Christy is not a resident of Talbot ward but I am amazed he appears unaware of our ongoing 
by-election (Your Say,
 April 17).

Although a Sandgrown 
octogenarian and resident at this address for more than 34 years, I confess until recently I had never heard of Mr Slattery-Christy or his Whitegate Community Group.

But now I will be paying much more attention.

Meanwhile our MP (one of the busiest in Westminster) will continue to appear 
and work within the 
constituency on a weekly 

Douglas Elgee

Leamington Road