Letters - April 24

Booths Store on Highfield Road, Marton in Blackpool
Booths Store on Highfield Road, Marton in Blackpool
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Not viable?

I was part of the management team that opened Booths Marton with Ray, Kev, and Mark back in the 1980s.

It saddens me that the Booth family have decided to close this store which was once their flagship.

I appreciate that if a business is not financially viable, then tough decisions have to be made, but...

The residents of Blackpool, who have shown a lot of patronage to Booths over their trading ( 160 years ) have only got a ‘convenience’ Booths at Normoss to go to.

Poulton, St Annes, Ansdell are not viable to those who may not have transport and live in South Shore.

By investing in the more socio-economic areas of the Fylde coast, you are alienating yourselves and the brand.

Customers will not follow.

As they say in the film Field of Dreams ‘If you build it, he will come’ .

However, if you knock it down ‘he will go to Tesco’.

Marcus Polakovs

By email


No choice

Royal Preston Hospital’s physiotherapy department will not take GP referrals as this has to be decided by a consultant.

This is wrong, consultants are very busy and they have enough to do without having to do assessments and decide whether patients need physiotherapy.

You can go to any hospital you want, it’s patient choice.

This is putting money before patients and that is wrong.

And they say patients are entitled to a quality of life.

There is only one way to resolve this and that is by a change of government.

Royal Preston has a very good physiotherapy department I have been told I can’t go.

I have never seen anything like it and it should not be happening. I would like more people to use their vote and get the NHS back to what it should be.

Vernon Allen



Places left

On behalf of The Children’s Trust, I would like to make an urgent appeal to running enthusiasts, who would like to take part in the Great North Run 2015 on Sunday, September 13.

The Children’s Trust has a few guaranteed places left to fill but the deadline for registration is July 6, so please visit our website as soon as possible to register at www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk/greatnorthrun

We would also be thrilled to hear from own-place runners interested in joining our team.

For further details visit the website, or phone me 01737 364323. The Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury.

Kim Derry

Events Co-ordinator

The Children’s Trust



The tragic events in the Mediterranean brought home to me a future problem I have thought about for a long time.

My travels as a young man made a big impression on me, seeing the poverty and hardship due to the climatic conditions that the poor people endured with such stoicism.

A lot of you will have had the same experience and there may even be some of those wonderful people that have worked as volunteers in those places.

The following are my fears - if ‘global warming’ is a fact it is inevitable that life in all the above places will be untenable so what will these people do?

Millions of them will come to the west and we simply couldn’t cope.

There are some places with vast spaces, such as Canada, the USA, Australia etc, but are these governments looking into the very long term problem now?

Will Power

Victoria Road West



Going down

I completely agree with everything Robin Duke mentioned in his column this week (The Duke, April 22).

The fact is society is on a downward spiral with standards of behaviour – whether it is dropping litter or swearing in the street – becoming worse and worse.

I don’t know why this is. Is it because there is less discipline allowed in schools, or is it the influence of television programmes where most characters are just out for themselves.

Or is it because there are fewer police on the beat to deal with anti-social behaviour?

And this is not just Blackpool’s problem. Go to any large city or town and you will encounter the same issues.

I also agree it is annoying that instead of a box office at the cinema, ticket collection is now automated.

It’s the same when you go to the bank now - fewer cashiers, more machines.

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