Letters - April 23, 2013

Cyril Robinson, from the Blackpool FA Cup winning team of 1953
Cyril Robinson, from the Blackpool FA Cup winning team of 1953
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Naming streets

Remember heroes

Having spent a few days with a friend in Blackpool, I was delighted to hear about the housing estate that is being named after the successful FA Cup winning squad from Blackpool FC.

I was very surprised to read the omittance of Hughie Kelly and Allan Brown.

Perhaps the builders did not know that if Allan Brown had not had the misfortune to break his leg in the quarter-final, scoring the winning goal against Arsenal, they may never have got through.

Even Hughie Kelly played his part in the early rounds.

Incidentally, I was very surprised to see Jimmy Armfield’s name.

He didn’t play in the team, actually I cannot remember him being at Blackpool at that time.

I also think John Lynas should have had a mention. He was the greatest trainer, as they were known then.

Come on you builders – those three deserve a mention.

I hope Mr Ince and his team do well. We still root for them.

E. Bailey

Smithy Lane

St Annes

Lib dems in government

Debate continues

You ask ‘Do you agree with James? (Gazette April 17- Politically Correct).

Well not entirely. He talks about 1945 to 1979 as though it was some golden era.

I was eight years old in 1945. That period wasn’t as bad as the Tories make out nor as good as James claims.

The 1970s would have been very different if Wilson hadn’t bottled out of Barbara Castle’s ‘In Place of Strife’ – a female politician who, in my opinion, would make 10 of Thatcher.

It was Conservative Ted 
Heath who rescued Rolls Royce from oblivion.

It is now probably the jewel in the crown of British owned manufacturing.

The Thatcherite Conservatives still hate him for it.

Fast forward to 1997 and the incoming Labour lot followed largely Tory policies and did nothing to curb the rampage of Financial Services let loose by Thatcher in 1986.

Vince Cable alone in 2003 was ringing warning bells.

Just a few weeks before the crash Gordon Brown was making a speech telling financiers what fantastic fellows they were.

James wants us to forget about Labour’s wasted 13 years and just pour scorn on the LibDems.

After the 2010 General Election, a LibDem alliance with Labour was just not numerically possible.

To not have formed a government with the Tories would almost certainly have resulted in another General Election .

In the interim few 
months goodness knows what would have happened to our economy.

The LibDems, massively outnumbered in the Coalition, have done an excellent job in reigning back the worst excesses of the Tories that James Sorah so deplores.

Mike Turner

Saltcotes Road


Airport noise

What are rules?

You don’t have to live near the flight path to be tormented by Blackpool Airport.

We are in Sandgate and get kept awake most nights.

It’s like living in a bee hive from 10am to 8am.

How the people on Squires Gate Lane stand it, I don’t know.

We have lived here for 40 years and have never had it so bad.

Surely there are certain rules and regulations regarding such things.

Mr Davies



Job centre woes

Misleading advice

I read with interest about 
Terry Bennett’s son’s dealings with the Job Centre (Letters April 16).

I too have the misfortune to be unemployed and have to attend a Job Centre.

I agree that information given is often incorrect and sometimes downright misleading.

Since the move to Universal Jobmatch, information on the Job Points is often incorrect or missing.

This attitude is, I feel, deliberate as it is part of a wider plan to make claiming benefits so unpleasant that people simply don’t bother.

Add to that targets for sanctions, which the DWP had always denied, and you might understand why the number of people on Job Seekers Allowance has reduced
despite unemployment increasing.

Disgruntled Jobseeker

address supplied

Blood pressure checks

Use common sense

I had a real chuckle reading about Steve Canavan’s blood pressure trial (The Thing Is, Gazette April 18).

Why on earth we’re expected to endure that most horrible machine heaven only knows.

I flatly refused to have one after seeing what a friend of mine had to go through.

She was nearly out of her mind with the thing.

Surely common sense tells you wearing a contraption
like that would put you in a heck of a state waiting for it to go off.

They’ll still put you on medication after all that, so hats off to you for what can only say is a test of sheer endurance.

Margaret Bennison

Moore Tree Drive