Letters - April 22, 2016

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Get all dogs on a DNA database

Once more, the subject of dog mess and ignorant/lazy owners rears its ugly head. The answer to this is so simple and would not cost tax payers anything and could create thousands of jobs (Your Say, Gazette, April 20).

All that is needed as all dogs are now chipped and compulsorily registered onto a national data base, a DNA sample of the dog taken for an appropriate fee from a vet and added to the database and compulsory memory chip inserted into each dog with name and address of dog owner, with DNA signature.

All costs to be covered by owner for every dog owned over a minimum age. This could also create new vets and assistants paid for by all dog owners.

Locally appointed (well-paid) enforcement officers could then collect all dog mess as hygienically as possible, tagged and bagged and have each “sample” DNA tested to identify dog/owner. The owner could then receive a fine of initially £80 rising to £1,000 for multiple infractions or have dog(s) put down. This fine would cover all costs of wages and testing. In a matter of weeks, we would have no dog mess on our streets, fields or beaches. Job done.

Dog mess already left on all public areas for months/years can also be collected and tested.

Obviously, concessions could be made to support pensioners, disabled, unemployed, etc, with initial registration costs but if mess is left by anyone, whatever their circumstances, then they would be faced with either a fine or their dog put down.

This is the only way the dog mess situation will ever be terminated, totally and forever. Then we can make a start on cat mess.

A similar scheme could be set up to cover chewing gum, spit, discarded cigarette ends, etc, once we are all compulsorily DNA tested for future ID cards or memory chip implants.

Brian Crawford




A simple solution to the council’s woes

Can I make a suggestion how the council can save an awful lot of money, also saving more traffic delays than the town can cope with?

It’s easy! Cancel the stupid decision of ripping up Talbot Road, spending fortunes on tram lines etc, and build a modern BUS station where the Wilkinsons building is now.

It’s near the train station, so holidaymakers can catch a bus, as easily as getting a tram. All buses could use it instead of the silly central bus station, meaning a better flow of people, who would maybe support any new shops opening on the old bus station site, which has been unused for too long.

And no disruptions to the traffic flow!

Why, oh why, do our council like to waste so much money on stupid schemes? Using buses would save so much time and expense!

Keep the trams for the promenade only. Maybe it’s too simple, that’s why the council won’t do it.

Douglas Loynds

Pelham Avenue



We need to rethink Trades Union bill

Earlier this year I wrote about the Government’s attack on democracy contained in the Trade Union Bill, calling on the Government to drop their unfair proposals.

Now the House of Lords has debated the Bill, and the Government were defeated three times over on key parts of the Bill.

Peers have sent a clear message that the Government has got it wrong and should think again.

Even with the Lords’ improvements, the Trade Union Bill remains both an attack on democracy, loading the dice in the Tories’ favour, and an attack working people’s voice at work, changing the balance of power in the workplace.

Now the Bill heads back to the Commons, it is over to our Members of Parliament once again.

I urge them to listen to the House of Lords, and vote to keep their amendments in place. And I can only hope the Government takes the opportunity, before it is too late, to drop the whole sorry mess.

Maurice George

via email


Do these drivers use the medical centre?

I have been attending the medical centre at Whitegate Drive, as I am diabetic and have a foot problem.

The service I get is second to none. However, unless I get dropped off and picked up, I end up going round in circles trying to park. Today I was early getting there, but late getting to the reception and missed my appointment.

My point is where have all these cars come from because when you do get a space and get inside there is not a mob of people, the place is bare?

Who the devil do all those cars belong too?

Paul J Boothman

Alfred Street



Add a little to bill to ensure clean water

There are so many requests on TV asking for donations to help so many causes, I doubt many have received help.

I have just watched the appeal for clean water advert.

We all need water and are in such a panic if water is off, even for an hour or so.

As every household receives a water bill every three months, would people mind if a very small amount was added to that bill for the world to have clean water and that the amount was specifically for that purpose? Anyone who disagrees could make their wishes known and just pay the bill without the extra.

Olga Twist

via email