Letters - April 22, 2013

A double decker balloon tram on the promenade at Blackpool.
A double decker balloon tram on the promenade at Blackpool.
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Heritage trams

Call for a rethink on tram policy

I read with dismay in The Gazette recently the heritage trams will only run on high days and holidays this season.

The reason given was the lack of patronage.

It seems barely credible Blackpool should surrender after just one summer of bad weather, that a tourist asset as unique as the heritage trams, an asset that most other seaside resorts would kill for, is to sink into the shadows.

Come on Blackpool Council, if you want the people to ride the heritage trams tell the world all about them. Has anyone from the council or publicity department spoken to the families with wide eyed children, when they see the older trams, 
Of their experience of 
riding the trams or if 
they have ridden the 

It would seem that most people know Blackpool has a new modern tram fleet that is like other towns and cities, but do they know that the old trams are still here, and are in service for everyone to use?

They are not specials just to look at.

Blackpool is known worldwide for The Tower, the Pleasure Beach, the piers and the trams running along the Prom.

The best view of all the assets from the Pleasure Beach to North Pier/Talbot Square is surely from the top deck of a tram, or on warm and sunny days,from an open top tram,something not possible on the modern trams, as 
good as they may be.

To run a mixed service through the summer would surely be a unique tourist attraction for families and 
everyone from two to 92.

Andy Wadsworth


Blackpool school merger

Speaking against the proposal

Sarah Riding, in The Gazette on April 16 states the governing body has not yet made a decision on the merger between Bispham High and Collegiate.

On March 26 the governing body of Bispham High voted overwhelmingly against the merger, knowing full well they would be replaced for supporting the response from the public consultation, instead of the Department of Education and Blackpool Council.

To those now on the schools ‘ governing bodies, I hope you will continue to say NO. The only reason the school has to be built on the Collegiate site is their debt of over £1m will then be cleared.

No thought has gone into how children get to the new school, which once built will have approximately 900 places, so will be full if the two schools merge.

Bispham High is the only performing arts college in the north. There is not the money or the space for 
these excellent facilities to be incorporated into the new school.

Bispham High will be destroyed so the council can sell the land.

If a new school has to be built in the north of the town to accommodate these pupils where would it be? I am sure it would cost far more to build than they are getting for the Bispham site.

Perhaps The Gazette would like to start a Save our School campaign, seeing as you are against injustice, as this proposed school merger is certainly not democracy.

Jennifer Roberts

Norbreck Road


Music hall Memories

Pictures on show

Congratulations to Ken Bowe on the brilliant exhibition 130 Years of Music Hall and Variety.

If in the past you have been a regular visitor to Blackpool

for the summer shows or even if you just enjoyed those days of Variety this is the one for you. I suggest you visit Lytham Heritage Centre where it is on

show until May 12.

You will not be disappointed.

Ken Broadbent



Praise for action group’s efforts

I read with interest the letter by the vice chair man of Protect Wyre Group regarding the rejection of the Halite proposal to store gas in the salt caverns at Preesall.

Thank goodness that this un-elected group of individuals, who put the health and safety of the community as a priority, succeeded in convincing the Secretary of State to refuse the application on 
geological grounds - the same grounds as previous applications.

A huge number of man hours must have been spent researching the geology in order to formulate a case to put to the Inspectorate.

May I applaud Protect Wyre Group, the three local MPs who spoke at the inquiry and more than 11,000 residents who were committed enough to write in to stand up for the local community.

P Jenkins

Fleetwood Road North


taxis for nhs staff

Try taking the bus!

What - a taxi to work for those at the Whitegate Drive Health Centre?I was an NHS worker for 17 years. You got to work on time without moaning about costs, just glad to have a job. We paid for our parking, no concessions. I understand the problem, because I too have had parking difficulty at Whitegate Drive centre and Victoria Hospital – so now find it easier to take a bus.

Anne Allen