Letters - April 21, 2016

The new tramway extension proposed for Blackpool
The new tramway extension proposed for Blackpool
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Traffic light scheme will be bad news

Is Coun Jackson totally devoid of common sense when he states that the traffic light system soon to be replaced at the junction of Talbot Road and the Promenade “isn’t expected to significantly impact on traffic flow” (Gazette, April 18).

They were removed for that precise reason – they did significantly impact on traffic flow. He also states this type of junction works successfully in Anchorsholme, Cleveleys and Fleetwood.

Well that’s good news for those areas, which have substantially less traffic than Blackpool .

Has Coun Jackson got any qualifications in traffic management, or is he just trying to appease the hubris of the council leader, Coun Blackburn, and the known tram enthusiast Coun Galley?

Why was such an important project as this not discussed and voted on at a full council meeting, but merely by the sycophantic Executive committee?

I know that many genuine councillors are against this crackpot plan.

Ron Strangwick

Rough Heys Lane



This £22m proposal is a ‘crackpot’ plan

£22 million pounds? I will say that again – £22 million pounds on a tramway extension.

Is this council mad? They have already spent a small fortune giving themselves new offices when the old ones were perfectly adequate, I won’t even mention the car park on Devonshire Road.

The original development has not worked, why are we the only ones to see this? Are they hoping that another £22 million is going to change that?

As for another set of lights on the seafront, don’t they think they have done enough damage on Preston New Road? Five sets of lights in less than half a mile, we might as well right off Preston New Road as access for our visitors, and to be honest I don’t care what they do in Anchorsholme Cleveleys and Fleetwood, they are not part of the Golden Mile.

We are not going to have a seaside industry by the time this present administration is done with their crackpot schemes. I suggest they go and see what Margate are doing.

Bruce Allen

via email


A brilliant night 
full of show tunes

I write regarding the Songs From The Shows production put on by Thornton Cleveleys Operatic Society.

This show marks 80 years of history for the society, but this show was bang up-to-date, featuring some excellent singing and dancing with colourful costumes and a small but well-balanced orchestra, which included the society’s musical director, David Chadwick and chorus master David Cookson.

The show is fast moving and well devised and produced by Diane Skinner, who together with Elaine Morrison, also provided the choreography.

A very well-designed and complimentary programme gives a excellent history of the society, which if the performance I saw is anything to go by has the talent, singers and dancers to keep the society going for many more years to come.

A nearly full house showed their appreciation with cheers and shouts for more. The show continues at Thornton Little Theatre at 7.30pm nightly until Saturday with a matinee at 2.30pm on Saturday.

If you want some excellent entertainment go along and enjoy it.

Alan Hebden

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True cost of staying in has been unsaid

The latest onslaught from ‘The Remain Campaign’ purporting to show the actual costs of a BREXIT to the UK. needs a point by point rebuttal from the ‘Leave Campaign’, otherwise many will accept these costs as being kosher coming as they do from the present Government.

We all know these figures are total rubbish from a civil service famed for their inability to make a correct forecast regarding the UK economy for 12 months, never mind as far ahead as 2030.

So it is essential that the true cost of us ‘staying in’ is presented to them.

Many older voters will remember how the electorate were conned in 1973 when we were persuaded that joining ‘a loose federation of Common Market trading nations was a good thing, many younger voters do not understand we now find ourselves in a 28-nation EU superstate.

We are expected by the EU with our present £55 million daily contribution (likely to rise shortly) to assist these poorer nations, and accept an open border situation where all emigrants are welcome to come,regardless of our limited space to house, educate and heal our present population.

For us to remain in the EU will have the effect on the UK that Osborne so prophetically outlined by 2030 as the true cost of us withdrawing. In fact, assessing us as a third rate nation incapable of improving upon our position as the fifth largest economy in the world, unable to survive outside the EU.

E J Tilley

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Thanks to all who helped raise cash

On behalf of everyone at N-Vision, Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Society for the Blind, we would like to thank the customers and staff of Morrisons Kirkham who raised £396.72 over two days with bucket collections.

Thank you also to our team of volunteers who stood with the buckets. All your support is very much appreciated.

Stephanie Beasley

Volunteer Co-ordinator


(Blackpool Fylde & Wyre Society for the Blind)