Letters - April 21, 2015

A Trident submarine in a Scottish loch close to its base
A Trident submarine in a Scottish loch close to its base
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Sorry for anxiety

I am genuinely sorry we may have caused the local community anxiety today with the news that there is a proposal to close the stores in Ansdell and Marton later this year.

Proposing the closure of stores is a difficult decision for any business and we know that our stores matter a great deal to not only our employees, but the wider local community.

As the retail environment continues to evolve, we must take every opportunity to look at what we need to be doing in order to remain a viable and unique business.

These are not decisions we take lightly, so in this period of consultation we ask for your patience and support for our colleagues in this period of transition.

After we consult with our colleagues, we will share our future plans for Booths with you in full and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming you to our new stores on Heyhouses Lane, St Annes and Poulton-le-Fylde later this year.

Thank you again for all your support and affection for Booths, it means a great deal to our family, staff and suppliers.

Edwin Booth



Trident is needed

The security of one’s country is of paramount importance. It must be above party politics.

That is why the SNP manifesto, including as it does the refusal to renew the Trident nuclear deterrent, is deeply worrying.

The SNP is a separatist party intent on breaking up the United Kingdom. The question of Scottish independence was supposed to have been settled last year for a generation. Nicola Sturgeon is not prepared to accept this.

This together with her determination to reduce our national security presents a grave danger to this country.

Like many, her knowledge of the nuclear deterrent is minimal. One thing is crucial about defence matters, you never know where the next threat is coming from. Today insurgency and terrorism looms large but within a short space of time it could change dramatically.

Our nuclear deterrent, like all insurance policies, is very expensive but it is vital. Sturgeon, and others like her, say but it would never be used. This reveals gross ignorance about nuclear deterrence. Dennis Healey, the finest Defence Secretary since 1945, said at a meeting I attended: “Our deterrent will deter even if a potential enemy believes there is only one per cent chance we will use it.”

The number of nuclear states will increase.

We cannot expect America to carry alone the burden of protecting us against nuclear blackmail.

Col (Retired) Barry Clayton


Blackpool FC


The controversy surrounding the libel case brought against Frank Knight from the Oyston family in my view was heavy handed and over zealous and could have been resolved respectfully with a justified apology.

The sheer volume of support Mr Knight has received from the public clearly demonstrates the contention against Blackpool FC.

This ‘David and Goliath’ legal battle against 67-year-old Mr Frank Knight has potentially damaged the reputation of The Oystons and Blackpool FC far greater than the alleged defamatory comments Mr Knight initially posted on Facebook.

It would seem in football terms the Oystons have scored an ‘own goal’ and Mr Knight has won public respect which in reality whether it be in relation to football, politics, business or showbiz, is priceless.

Stephen Pierre

Topping Street



Billboard attack

I thought l would put a bill board up in my garden, with a message for people who believe in St George and England.

My message simply said: “Don’t let Brussels rule England’s green and pleasant land” support UKIP.

I am not a member of any political party. However, the board did not last 48 hours before it was subject to vandalism even to the extent of the flag of England being ripped off.

I feel very sad that we live in such a society that does not uphold England’s values and traditions, it makes me wonder if this type of conduct is the work of hooligans or misguided politicians

Tom Roberts,

Norbreck Road,


Dublin flights call

I am pleased that Citywing have made a welcome return to Blackpool Airport and are offering flights to the Isle of Man and Belfast.

We have heard all about the fall out between Jet2 and the airport owners but little has been said about the daily flights to Dublin being re-instated.

Originally offered by Ryanair and later Aer Lingus the flights provided a service that brought much needed tourists from Ireland to the town and is sadly missed.

Is there any chance that the service will be resumed?

Al Bowell

via email