Letters - April 21

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I AM not opposed to the good work being done on the Promenade but the council is missing what is obvious to all age groups.

As a grandma, taking her grandson out in a pram, or accompanying an elderly person on a walk, I would like to ask why have they not put railings every 25 to 50 yards down those steep steps.

I noticed at last year’s air show, pensioners and parents who had come to the Prom for a brew or an ice cream to take back to the family, could not get back down because it was too dangerous.


Boardman Avenue


BLACKPOOL Council is being very mean when it comes to Blue Badges.

I have had one for years but have been refused my renewal and there is no chance of an appeal.

But my illness and condition have got worse, not better.

I believe Age Concern say they have been flooded with complaints about Blue Badge problems.


Cherry Tree Road


ANIMAL Aid has been inundated with messages of support and requests for information following the horrific deaths of Dooneys Gate and Ornais at the 2011 Grand National.

In its defence of this dangerous and gruelling race, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) stated that ‘welfare measures’ were implemented after the two horses were killed, which consisted of bypassing the two fences where dead horses lay on the other side.

The BHA also lauded jockeys for dismounting their exhausted and overheated horses at the end of the race so the horses could be cooled down by handlers, though surely a better option would have been not to make them race in those conditions in the first place.

Just 19 of the 40 horses completed the course – or, to put it another way, 21 horses did not finish and two of that number were killed. Twenty horses have been killed on the Grand National course since 2000.

Measures to make the course and the fences safer have failed. The race is too crowded, too long and too difficult. It’s time to call for an end to the Grand National.

For a free information pack, contact Animal Aid on 01732 364546 or visit www.stopkillinghorses.com.


Animal Aid


SO Blackpool is sixth on a list of rail travellers’ top 10 destinations, in a survey compiled for National Rail (spot the irony?).

How can we be sure this result will be brought to the attention of Sir Richard Branson and other rail operators, who say they are keen to provide us with a direct London service, to persuade them to act sooner rather than later?