Letters - April 2, 2014

LIGHTS OUT Some drivers are finding the Plymouth Road roundabout better without the lights
LIGHTS OUT Some drivers are finding the Plymouth Road roundabout better without the lights
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Junction better without signals

As you know the traffic signals at Plymouth Road roundabout in Blackpool have now been out of use for some time pending replacement with the new LED system.

The outcome of this is that the traffic around the island flows without congestion at all times of the day including peak periods and I hope that someone can take the pragmatic decision not to replace them, despite the massive investment and save it for somewhere else that needs it.

Previous to this it would regularly take several minutes (up to 15 at peak times) to negotiate the roundabout and there were regularly massive queues building up along St Walburgas Road and Garstang Road

My family, work colleagues and I can all confirm that there has been such an improvement I hope someone has the confidence to be brave and make this decision.

Christine Greaves

via email


Appeal dismissed despite train stop

I parked my car on the Church Street/Caunce Street car park on the morning of February 12 to go from Blackpool North for a day return to Manchester.

On that day the whole country suffered the worst storm for many years, the BBC describing it as of ‘unprecedented wind force’.

The storm caused my train to be stopped at Preston and I had to find my own way home to Blackpool resulting in me being 24 minutes over the 12 hours I’d paid for.

I then received a demand from Parking Eye which operates the car park and which is legally entitled to get your details from the DVLA, for a £100 surcharge.

I appealed by letter against the charge on the grounds that it was due to very unusual circumstances that were far beyond my control – and in any case, £100 was exorbitant.

The appeal was immediately dismissed and I was warned that in the case of failure to pay, they were legally entitled to get a court judgement to seize any goods I owned.

There is an opportunity to appeal further to an independent body but I got the impression such appeals were very rarely successful and only added to the stress and the costs involved.

People using this car park need to be aware that parking there leaves you open to grossly excessive charges if some chance, uncontrollable happening disrupts your timetable.

I would advocate that Blackpool Council should consider, wherever possible, banning prepayment car parks in Blackpool so that correct payment would always be made on leaving a car park, and and Blackpool Council taxpayers would be protected from being subject to gross profiteering by these companies

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Some prisoners need hard labour

With regard to Steve Canavan’s statement: “The aim of prison is educating them to learn the error of their ways”.

Maybe this works for some, but a number of constant offenders are frequent visitors.

Despite frequent attempts to rehabilitate these – it seems a no-win situation.

Prison should have a two-tier system; one for rehab, and one of hard labour for constant offenders.

And there also needs to be a serious look at the mental issues of a minority of vulnerable offenders who need substantial help.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue,



We can decide on EU membership

Recently I read that Ms Viviane Reading, the vice-president of the EU, had stated that the British people were not intelligent enough to vote in a referendum to decide our country’s future.

Well, we have heard that before; if you do not vote the way they wish, then you must vote again and again until you get it right – their way!

Many of us do not know what goes on in the EU, so why not have our politicians of all parties in Westminster go on TV and tell us about the EU wonders we are unaware of – especially as we are considered so stupid as to not know our own minds when voting in a referendum. It would help us all.

The EU has never been able to balance its books. I say let’s give UKIP the chance to show us their ideas and plans. Many of them sound good and some quite sensible, and, more importantly, they seem in touch with the views of ordinary people.

I say a big yes to trading with the EU, but a big no to being ruled and over-ruled time and time again on many of our major issues.

Our country should be governed by our own elected politicians, not the unelected ones in the EU.

But sadly this is what is happening more and more.

Concerned Cleveleys Lady

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