Letters - April 2, 2013

Merlin boss Nick Varney
Merlin boss Nick Varney
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We need to start thinking BIG

I COULDN’T agree more with the sentiments of Merlin chief executive Nick Varney (Gazette, March 29) about Blackpool needing to become a global resort.

One of my visions for my beloved hometown is to see it develop into a thriving 21st century resort.

Blackpool is a fantastic town with plenty to do for residents and visitors alike. For too long I feel we have been held back by a lack of ambition and ludicrous plans like the proposed demolition of the Syndicate for another needless car park which no-one really wants are an example of this small town mentality.

The three great Northern cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds would never demolish a usable building with great potential for a car park. They would bring in private sector investors and develop something that makes an impact.

A fantastic recent example of this is the Liverpool Echo Arena, which brought a big economic boost to Liverpool. I feel a Blackpool arena is the way forward especially as we have a prime site just waiting for a development, namely the Central Station site.

On a recent visit to Manchester, restaurants and shops in and around the Arndale Centre were still thriving until late, long after Blackpool’s high streets will already be deserted.

This says to me we are clearly missing something.

Mr Varney is absolutely right in everything he says, we do need and we do want to be a global resort but we need start doing more to be a global resort.

We need to stop turning Blackpool into Europe’s biggest car park and start bringing in the global investors and businesses who will achieve our ambitions.

COUN CHRISTIAN COX, Squires Gate Ward.

Heartfelt thank-you

MY lovely wife was recently admitted to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, first to the Acute Medical Unit and then to Ward 24.

Could I say to the wonderful doctors and nurses from both units a heartfelt thank you for the care and the warmth she received from you.

Sadly she succumbed to her illness and passed away but my family and I will be forever grateful for the incredible dedication shown to us by you all.

JIMMY GILLIARD, Broughton Avenue, Layton.

Let down by the Lottery

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY endorse the comments of Mr Wiseman when he states alcoholics, drug takers and delinquents seem to top the list of Lottery recipients following on from Blackpool receiving a £10m grant, leaving decent people in limbo (Letters March 27).

Members of the Blackpool Merchant Navy Association applied for a small lottery grant to pay for transport to allow Second World War veterans to take part in the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic on Sunday, May 26 in Liverpool.

We were turned down on the grounds that we had no ‘need’ to go! This was disappointing news for those who 70 years ago battled submarines and the weather to bring supplies. We have now received funding for transport and accommodation from a very small charity. They realised there was a ‘need’ to go as this is probably the last chance to honour their 35,000 shipmates who had no known grave except the sea.

CAPTAIN DAVID WELLS, President Blackpool Merchant Navy Association