Letters - April 19, 2018

Last year, 33 per cent of appeals heard in the North East were decided in the childs favour.
Last year, 33 per cent of appeals heard in the North East were decided in the childs favour.
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There’s no spare cash, unless you mean mine

Paul Whiteman, the general secretary of the school leaders’ union the NAHT, complains at the lack of funding for teachers etc and that we must find more money (Your Say, Gazette, March 29).

Well, I am retired with some time on my hands, so started looking especially when I go and get my paper, kept my eyes open, couldn’t see any money on my short walk, so extended my wanderings and looked harder under benches, behind bushes, even in the rubbish bins.

No luck, I even checked my own attic – you never know; still no money.

Surely there must be some cash around hidden away in Lytham? Zilch, nada, nothing, I saw a lot of potholes and dog ends, but still no cash.

Then I had a brainwave – I must check the local woods for that magic money tree that Theresa May keeps referring to. Nope couldn’t find one, not one!

I also noticed that no one else was looking for this extra money, then somebody told me that it’s actually tax payers cash Mr Whiteman refers to. Could have saved me a lot of time.

Meanwhile, the UK still splashes cash on overseas aid to the tune of £14 billion each and every year, so there’s obviously some spare cash to be had – turns out, it’s our cash!

Mr P Webberley

Cedar Avenue


New school looks like a workhouse

As a former member of the original Palatine School, just off Palatine Road, I felt a tinge of nostalgia when the name of the school was transferred to St Annes Road.

It was strange that, years later when working as an adult education teacher, I taught in the very classroom at the old school that I attended. I also taught at the St Annes Road campus.

When I passed a few weeks ago to see Palatine School a pile of rubble I received a double shock when I saw its replacement, a perfect example of bog standard architecture, a shoe box with windows. I hope no one was paid for designing this monstrosity.

The proud name of Palatine School has been replaced by South Shore Academy (inset).

If I was a pupil I would be ashamed to enter what looks like a Victorian workhouse.

If the building had been a piece of homework, I would definitely have put must do better.

R L Lingham

St Chads Road
South Shore


The UN has fallen asleep at wheel

Has the United Nations in New York fallen asleep over the problems presently associated with Syria?

The last time the UN acted with unity concerning a global problem was at the time of the war in Korea (1950-1953), when a United Nations force was formed to bring the whole matter to a halt.

As was the case in the 1950s, Russia is a member of the UN Security Council and would no doubt use their veto. What should not be forgotten is the fact that in order to help bring Russia on his side, President Assad gave Russia his permission for a port on Syria’s coast to be used by the Russian Navy.

Peter N Taylor

via email


Another war

we cannot win

What an idiot President Trump is. Telling the Syrians he was going to attack, it gave Assad and his acolytes time to remove evidence, and stockpiles of chemical weapons, from target sites.

Theresa May is showing the same failings Tony Blair did. I thought she had more sense than involving us in another war we can’t win.

D Kennedy

Address supplied


Parking fine is a sign of the times

I noticed that Blackpool Council allowed motorists free parking to encourage business in the town.

It’s a shame the car park at Aldi in Cleveleys couldn’t adopt the same approach, as a colleague recently was fined for parking only for half an hour there.

He was told there were notices explaining this, but on examination of these I came to the conclusion that a magnifying glass would have come in very useful!

wayne mann

via email