Letters - April 19, 2016

The occupants of Blackpool Town Hall have come in for a measure of praise
The occupants of Blackpool Town Hall have come in for a measure of praise
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Our representatives are doing their best

Like Bruce Allen (Your Say, Gazette April 16) I too moved here many years ago because I love the resort, the town and the people having always felt a strong connection.

It’s not the Blackpool we came to know prior to moving here, and there have been so many changes, some for the better and some for the worse, but those changes continue even though many may not agree with them.

Our society, throughout the country, has changed too and Blackpool tries its best to work alongside of it all, bringing what they feel people want from a British seaside resort and let’s face it, the amount of visitor numbers proves that we do offer a variety of leisure amenities outshining rival resorts, but what works in one, doesn’t always work in another.

Yes, the plight of drunken (or rather sozzled) women on their hen nights is shameful, among other disrespectful actions, but isn’t this the case in other resorts and towns?

The efforts of our Council to upgrade amenities and services must be difficult with central government cutbacks. Every council in the country are susceptible to criticism and not one always get it right. However, let’s not lose faith in our council completely because there are those things they do get right, and it’s okay for us from where we’re sitting to think we could run things better if we were elected as an active council member, which is why I’ve never run for councillor of a particular party, no thanks!

I’m happy to leave it to those who have been elected and continue to complain about how they do things and from time to time, praise them!

Clifford Chambers

Ashton Road



Danger junction needs to be changed

The ‘Ferodo’ bridge junction at St Annes Road/Watson Road/Marton Drive has never been very good. I tried several times over the years to get the ‘powers-that-be’ to change the timing sequence of the traffic lights! The layout now is rather dangerous, and it is only the good sense of most motorists that there have been no collisions. I don’t use Marton Drive South or Watson Road from the east anymore.

However, it is poor reporting to try and pin the fault of a motor cycle accident on the junction layout just because it is nearby?

Keith Hallam

York Avenue



Let’s get a bus interchange sorted

How do I feel regarding trams up Talbot Road to the Train Station? I think it’s a rubbish idea. If I were a visitor arriving by train to get to my B&B in South Beach, my only option would be to take a taxi.

A tram down to the front wouldn’t be much help, as it only travels along the Prom. A bus would be a good idea, but I wouldn’t know where it would leave from and which route it would take.

I have lived in South Shore for 11 years, use my friendly bus service frequently and have nothing but admiration for drivers patiently waiting to get through areas of congestion such as Clifton Street and Market Street.

If I travel to Lancaster, Chorley or Preston, there are bus stations to help me on my way to Morecambe or Southport. Chorley Interchange is brilliant. We have far more tourists than Chorley, so why can’t Blackpool use the Wilkinsons’ site for our interchange?

Annie de Vree

Bright Street

South Beach


The EU needs to put its house in order

I had to laugh out loud when I saw “The EU’s top five economies had agreed to share information on secret business owners and trusts in an effort to stamp out tax dodging”.

Transparency in money matters seems to be top of the agenda right now. So let’s see what the European Court of Auditors say about the EU’s own spending in 2014.

They say: “As well as our opinion on the accounts, we are also required to give an opinion – based on our audit testing – on whether the underlying payments were made in accordance with EU rules. For 2014, the estimated level of error in these transactions was again too high (at 4.4 per cent) for us to give a clean opinion on the regularity of expenditure”

Overall, 4.4 per cent of the EU’s spending didn’t follow the rules and accordingly shouldn’t have been paid out..4.4 per cent is in the order of six billion Euros. Not what you would call small change.

I think the “Top Five Economies” of the EU would do a lot worse than start their investigations in Brussels by shining a spotlight on the inner workings of European Union spending.

Gordon McCann

via email


Tax avoiders really get my goat

I don’t claim that I like paying taxes, however, as I see the necessity for them to provide the infrastructure and services required for maintaining a reasonable lifestyle, I don’t object to them either.

For those people, often those ones who claim to be patriotic and proud of British values, to then take active steps to pay little or no taxes, despite enjoying wealth beyond the reach of ordinary people, often complaining about the state of our health, road and rail systems etc, smacks of rank hypocrisy.

As for the claim they have not broken the law, that is the defence made by most tin pot dictators.

When in power, they make whatever law suits their purpose.

Denis Lee

via email