Letters - April 19, 2013

Matthew Stephens (Blackpool Central Hotel Ltd), Katy Mace (Hotel Manager) and Steven Frewer (Operations Director of Focus Hotels) outside the new ibis Styles Hotel in Talbot Square, Blackpool.
Matthew Stephens (Blackpool Central Hotel Ltd), Katy Mace (Hotel Manager) and Steven Frewer (Operations Director of Focus Hotels) outside the new ibis Styles Hotel in Talbot Square, Blackpool.
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Clifton hotel

New lease of life

What great news to read on The Gazette website that the future of the grand old Clifton Hotel has been 
secured by the deal with Ibis Styles.

It is good that jobs will be saved and the hotel will continue to welcome guests to Blackpool.

The hotel has an important place in the history of the town and also in the history of my family.

In geography my son Joel has been studying the Blackpool holiday boom in the second half of the 19th Century. He happened to mention to his teacher that his great great grandfather was manager of the Clifton during some of that period (in fact from 1889 to 1905).

His name was John Harling, father of my grandmother. So we follow events surrounding the Clifton with great interest, although from afar as we live in London.

For much of his time as manager John’s second wife Sarah was manageress.

His first wife Eleanor is reputed to have fallen several floors to her death over the low banisters which were subsequently raised!

My grandmother Lydia, her brother and two sisters were born there. I’m sure Great Grandpa John would be thrilled to know the long tradition of Blackpool hospitality at The Clifton will continue for a few more years yet.

David Stanley


Margaret Thatcher

More feedback on Jacqui Morley’s Look At This Way

People should have views and be able to speak their mind, but good British manners and taste for the newly-dead and bereaved (except in the case of Hitler and Stalin) dictate we do not celebrate a death for the sake of those left behind. 
Certainly not to put it in print for millions to read.

The delusion of grandeur and power became the union barons’ trademark especially Scargill’s mantra, who, watching his speeches, seemed to be addressing a Nuremburg rally rather than sensible attempts at improving his members’ lives.

Have you forgotten the police unleashed themselves in their right to control unlawfulness on violent flying pickets who threatened people who wanted to work? Your reference to “brother pitted against brother” should in itself tell you many did not want to strike. It was Scargill’s fault – he had no mandate but simply decided he would call a strike.

The country is “sadder and wiser” after many years of mismanagement after Thatcher left power but certainly most of us during her tenure of office were much happier than now.People should stop blaming Thatcher for what has 
happened since 1995.

Like virtually everyone I have spoken to, no one seems to share your view on the right to be 
vitriolic and celebrate a British person’s death.

Perhaps we could remember our history rather than jaundiced and biased views as expressed by most left wing media who seemed to distort the truth or tell downright lies about Margaret Thatcher.

David B Woods

Address supplied

I was born in 1984 and to my generation Margaret Thatcher has already 
Slipped into the sepia toned images of history.

Regarding her term in 
government, the facts are there to be seen warts and all and I have heard personal views from people directly affected by her government.

I’ve also read uninformed Facebook tirades based on regurgitated Morrissey quotes. It’s getting tiring.

I can understand people’s 
passionate dislike, she trod on a lot of toes, sure.

My point is not to sift through the shades of grey that were Thatcher’s deeds.

But the Marc Antony quote in Jacqui Morley’s article seems like pro negativism. ‘The evil that men do’! Evil? Let’s change that to ‘bad’.

Whatever she was I’m not sure she fits in with the ‘evil club’.

Is it really right the ‘good things’ should be overlooked in favour of remembering the bad? How is this ever the right way? Negativity seems to prevail, especially in the media.

Dave Lynam

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Rossall School Concert

A delightful evening

Once again Margaret Young, musical director for Rossall School, directed her concert of Mozart and Gabriel Faure Requiem masses.

It was an evening to delight last Saturday in the school’s ancient beautiful church, with the choir and some of Lancashire’s leading soloists and orchestra.

Yes, Margaret is a young lady with talent who gives concerts not to be missed.

Nigel Thorne


Blackpool seafront scene

Back to the future?

Many years ago we had a wonderful tramways network until the ‘powers that be’ decided in their wisdom to scrap it apart from the Prom route).

Now it seems they’re looking at expanding it once again.

Not so very long ago the Prom was four lanes until ‘powers that be’ decided only two lanes were needed.

Now we hear plans are possibly afoot to revert back to four lanes.

If this is the start of a trend how about rebuilding North Pier jetty and re-fitting the ABC out to its former glory as a theatre?

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