Letters - April 17, 2015

Launch of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats at the Opera House.  Pictured is theatre producer David Ian with Jane McDonald.
Launch of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats at the Opera House. Pictured is theatre producer David Ian with Jane McDonald.
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There are 650 seats in Parliament, and since 1945 no matter what’s been going on in the country approximately 200 of those seats have never changed.

That’s going back 70 years, but it gets worse.

Since 1970 we are now up to almost 50 per cent of the seats never changing, so no matter which party an MP represents it’s a job for life – as long as they toe the party line that 

Representing the interests of their constituents isn’t as important as we forget or don’t even know what they do or say once they are parked up in Westminster.

With a salary of £74,000 a year, plus expenses which include the roof over their heads being paid for, plus their electricity bill, their gas bill, water bill, council tax, not to mention claiming for tea and biscuits it’s not a bad life is it.

Where do the rest of us get jobs like this, not just a wage but everything paid for, no wonder they are pounding the streets begging us to send them back to cushy land.

As long as we carry on voting in a tribalistic way nothing will change, and we won’t deserve change.

Make your MP work, or perhaps vote for someone else, it’s time for a change!

Bob Norton

By email


New show

So the Opera House didn’t go along with my recent suggestions for popular musicals, such as Calamity Jane (with Blackpool’s own Jodie Prenger starring) or Mack & Mabel (even though its star Michael Ball is due at the 
Opera House on his concert tour on April 21.

Instead we are to get yet another season of Cats and, quite frankly, this hardly raises a ‘purr’ (sorry about that) from this avid theatre-goer, until I learned the lead role of Grizabella is to be played here by an all-time favourite – Jane McDonald.

Now I do have ‘felines’ (sorry again) for it and didn’t ‘pussyfoot’ (oops) my way to the box office!



Stamford Avenue

South Shore


Road ahead

Around the end of this month Lancashire County Council is expected to make its decision regarding the revised planning applications for fracking sites at Preston New Road (Little Plumpton) and Roseacre Wood, a decision which if it receives the go ahead will ultimately pave the way for dozens of such sites, each about the size of two football pitches, right across the county.

It is interesting to note that Eric Ollerenshaw and Mark Menzies have expressed their concern of the dangers of this unproven process, and Ben Wallace has rightly made public his view, specifically regarding the proposed routes of hundreds of heavy goods vehicles which will be needed to service these sites, on an ongoing basis, on a road system which is already overstretched.

But his concern regarding the volume of heavy traffic cannot be isolated from the fracking process itself.

If fracking doesn’t happen there will be no additional problems of volumes of heavy traffic, so the process must be stopped now.

Together with the issue of noise, traffic concerns were the very reason why the initial planning application was refused.

Now, Cuadrilla are having to revise their plans yet again, part of which includes the questionable idea of routing some of these vehicles through the Ministry of Defence site at Inskip.

In addition, there are continued rash promises of job security, investment, tight regulation and prosperity for all of us, but none of these are ever backed up by hard evidence, and anyway, surely our quality of life and our health and wellbeing are more important than running the risk of the wholesale industrialisation of our living environment.

The only road ahead is to stop the fracking process in its tracks. Literally.

J. Bailie




My wife and I attended a performance of A Happy Marriage, a play written by Tom Gradwell and performed by the Teresian Players, and it was one of the best written and most brilliantly acted plays that we have ever seen.

The play is very moving and tackles a difficult subject.

The audience was rather sparse but gave the actors and author a well deserved ovation at the end.

If you like theatre, go and see this, you will enjoy it.

Unfortunately the play finishes tonight. It is at Thornton Little Theatre at 7.30pm.

Alan Hebden

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police contacts

DIAL 101

During my many police community engagements I am ever surprised at the number of people who are ‘unaware’ of the general number to contact their local police. 101 is the only number needed to be connected to local police with 999 of course in an emergency.

Andrew Noble

Police Community Volunteer

St Annes