Letters - April 17, 2013

Over Wyre
Over Wyre
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Gas storage

Tell the voters

Both Lancashire County and Wyre councils need to explain why they agreed a statement of common ground with Halite on the suitability of the geology.

The previous Departmental decision, a few years ago, to reject the Canatxx proposal specifically mentioned the geology as being the main reason. What has changed to justify the councils’ policy now?
 Voters will be more than interested.

Philip Gallagher

Carr Close


Regeneration plan

It is as simple 
as ABC

Reading Blackpool Council’s 15 year plan for regenerating the town centre, I note this includes a proposed cinema.

Well, how fortunate the council recently acquired the former ABC.

This is just the location for the new facility and an ideal solution as to what should be done with the site. Perfect.

Barry McCann

Prescot Place



Awareness Week

This is Parkinson’s Awareness Week and I’d be very grateful if your readers could take a little time to put themselves in the shoes of a person with Parkinson’s, to imagine what it is really like to face hostility through no fault of your own.

It’s hard to imagine how it must feel to have a progressive condition which causes your body to shake uncontrollably one hour, and freeze you to the spot the next, but that’s what life can be like for the 127,000 people living with Parkinson’s in the UK.

To make things worse, we’ve just discovered in a startling survey that almost half the people living with Parkinson’s are discriminated against because of their condition. From being shouted at in public for using a disabled parking space, refused service in shops because they were acting oddly, to being tutted at in supermarket queues because their symptoms were mistaken for drunkenness – life can be incredibly difficult for those with this complex, often painful and distressing disease.

My brother in law has had Parkinson’s for many years, so I know from personal experience just how difficult it can be to live with this devastating condition.

There are so many deserving causes needing our attention, but in this special week I’m encouraging everyone to learn more about Parkinson’s by visiting www.parkinsons.org.uk/myshoes, and to stop and think for a moment the next time they see somebody a little unsteady on their feet, and not to jump to hurtful conclusions.

Jane Asher


Parkinson’s UK

The lost archives

What’s in a

Regarding the photograph in The Lost Archives on Friday of the ‘Amphicar’ crossing the River Wyre on November 16 1964.

A good modern day caption could read: “Damned Sat-Nav!”

Malcolm Boyce

Deepdale Road


Footnote: Don’t miss The Gazette this Friday as we share even more of the fantastic photographs from across the Fylde coast unearthed in our Lost Archives.

Educating youngsters

Correct mistakes, don’t praise them

About seven years ago I went to a school concert where, in the interval, refreshments were served in a classroom.

On taking an exercise book from the pile off a shelf, I was appalled to see answers written, I would imagine, by a seven or eight year old.

They had been given the red pen tick with the judgment: “Well done (name of child)”.

On every line were spelling or grammar mistakes which, in my day, would have been circled and the correctly-spelt word written over the top. We would then have to write out that word 10 times so we would remember it.

Exams do not seem very popular at the moment, teachers preferring to base a child’s abilities on course work throughout the year.

But this does not achieve the same results as an exam taken in a room devoid of the internet for gleaning information!

Without these exams to reflect how much a child has learnt, now can they be assessed on their capabilities?

The fact that many 16-year-olds leave school, still bein g unable to read, write or do basic maths after 11 years of education, is really diabolical.

Can we all aspire to promoting excellence in all aspects of a child’s education please?`

Name and address supplied Blackpool

Charlie Cairoli statue

Where is the best site going to be?

I always enjoyed watching Blackpool Tower Circus clown Charlie Cairoli perform.

I have not heard what his family thinks but my ownthoughts on his statue are that it should be put on the Comedy Carpet on the new promenade.

That way it would be easy to get to for all to see.

Mrs M Riding

Eastpines Drive