Letters - April 16, 2013

Abingdon Street Market
Abingdon Street Market
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Jobseekers allowance

Unemployed youth

I noted your report in The Gazette (April 10) that shows that of the 6,226 there are now 47 less claiming Jobseekers Allowance. This does not mean that they have found work. It means that they are no longer claiming benefits and have disappeared off the figures.

The Blackpool Job Centre at Queen Street does nothing to help people find work. You tend to see a number of different people all giving wrong or bad information. My son was told not to mention that he had had a university education, or that he has a degree.

They told him to leave his home address off his CV so that it wouldn’t blight his chances of getting a job! When we told the university about this they were horrified. It is totally against everything that they advise.

The university directed us to http://graduatetalen
tpool.direct.gov.uk when he told the Job Centre they said: “Oh, you know about that?”

They did not count the jobs that he had applied for on that site, they were only interested in the ones on the DWP site. We all know that question have been asked in the house about over 4,000 fake job adverts in December.

They told him that he would be contacted by a work placement firm in Preston who would contact him by phone in seven to 10 days, interview him and find him a placement in Blackpool as close as possible to his qualifications.

After three weeks we pointed out that they had not contacted him, the Job Centre said: “That’s OK, they are running a month behind.”

They once again said they would interview him and find him a placement in Blackpool. A month later a work place was sent for a job at Preston. No interview, nothing remotely like anything that he had trained for and with a warning that if he was late he would be sanctioned, if he refused to do anything they asked he would be sanctioned, if he left early he would be sanctioned, and they would only pay the cheapest way to get there: bus fares. It was quite clear that they make and break promises like Nick Clegg. No student will ever forget that.

They were expecting my son to do four days a week Monday to Thursday 9am to 5.30pm at Preston for £1.87 per hour, (£1.22 when you take into account travelling time). This is not work placement, it is slavery. When my son told them he was coming off Job Seekers he said they were all smiles, very happy and dealt with everything very quickly. I told him of course they are happy , that is what they wanted. He is now at home and sending out lots of CVs.

We are getting nothing for him from the Government. I and my son barely exist off just my statutory state pension.

Terry Bennett

Dinmore Avenue

Grange Park

Too many charity shops?

They do the business!

Congratulations on the new -look newspaper and I’m glad to se a larger section devoted to readers’comments. It’s always interesting to hear another point of view. As for the remark about the plethora of charity shops currently about, to my mind they are the only ones doing any kind of business in these straightened times.

Margaret Anne Bennison

Moore Tree Drive


Decent butchers

Shops are there - if you look

Stuart Easton may well be unhappy with the amount of charity and pound shops in the town centre.

But I do wonder why he cannot find a ‘decent’ butchers when there is one on Topping Street, also in Abingdon Street market, without cooked meat stalls and M&S.

A ‘decent’ supplier of local produce you’ll find again in Abingdon Street Market and on Topping Street. For electrical goods, go no further than Deansgate where you can acquire anything from fridge freezers and kettles to pressure cookers.

For too long locals harped on about a department store in Blackpool , namely Debenhams, and we now have one.But now we want an IKEA too because it’s not enough yet.
 We’re not the only town centre suffering the effects of online shopping and recession.

With those three kinds of available merchandise I imagine all will be highly offended they’re not classed as ‘decent.’

You’ve only got to go up the road to Lancaster and see the amount of empty shops and their massive two level indoor market which is closed.

As for a multiplex cinema, go no further than the old ABC theatre and extend it. Problem sorted and one satisfied customer!

Clifford Chambers

Ashton Road


Reliving holiday memories

Digital conversion required

I hope one of your readers can help me.

I am looking for a firm, perhaps there is one here on the Fylde coast, to put some old films of our family holidays onto a disc so we can watch them on our TV.

I took them all with a camcorder and they are in the outdated VHS format.

I don’t even have a computer so there is no way I can attempt anything like this myself.

Cliff Whitworth

34 Annan Crescent



(01253) 696217