Letters - April 15, 2011

The "Supporting Our Brave" shop on Bank Hey Street, Blackpool.
The "Supporting Our Brave" shop on Bank Hey Street, Blackpool.
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BEING a member of the ex-services community, I find the council’s reasoning in refusing to allow collections outside the Supporting Our Brave Shop on Bank Hey Street, odd to say the least (Gazette April 11).

I agree people come to Blackpool for a good time and don’t want people in their faces all day asking for donations to this organisation or that organisation.

But if they don’t like people asking for a donation, why do they allow people to stop you in the street to hand out fliers or try to get you to go to this club or that bar?

Is this not the same?

I am a local and get stopped constantly.

On the point of money collections, does this mean the council will not allow the Salvation Army to collect outside M&S from now on?

As that would be setting a precedent that apparently the council don’t want to set.



IT was with much sadness I read of the passing of the vet, Colin Helme late of Alpha Vets, Layton.

Such a nice, caring man, always ready with a joke, and every animal was special, not just another patient. He will be greatly missed, so, on behalf of all the animals, goodbye uncle Colin and thank you.


Annesley Avenue


IS F.J. Vickers (Letters April 5) implying that the standard of medical services, facilitated by the Poulton surgeries, is not adequate for our needs in the 21st century?

My family’s health, and my illness have always been dealt with most professionally and with care.


ON behalf of the Blackpool RNLI Ladies Guild, we would like to say thank you to management staff and customers of Tesco Express for all their help in raising £435.14 at a recent collection at their store. It is greatly appreciated.


Secretary Ladies Guild