Letters - April 14, 2016

Blackpool's North Pier
Blackpool's North Pier
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Sedgwicks deserve praise for revamp

You have recently received from your readers some criticism about the condition of the North Pier.

It was common knowledge that Peter Sedgwick and his family have owned the pier for a few years, but have recently purchased Central and South Piers for a reported £8million. This undoubtedly will have brought further maintenance problems with enormous costs. The Sedgwick family should be complemented on their great courage and fortitude. The piers, under previous ownership, have clearly been suffering from a lack of maintenance.

For the last two summers it has been a joy for me, and many others, to venture down to the sun lounge free of charge and listen to the excellent organists. Regular visitors to Blackpool expressed delight to me for being able to dance there. The only expenditure they incur is if they choose to nip in to the bar or select a waitressed served meal at the tables.

Already, the structural improvements the Sedgwick family have made have made a substantial difference, and the recent storms will have done them no favours. There is a saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and given time I am sure that your previous readers will become highly delighted.

So I say congratulations to the Sedgwick family for taking on our three piers, which are so vital not only to the tourists but also to the residents who enjoy a stroll along our piers.

Alan Rydeheard



Golden days could return to resort

There was a great photo of Blackpool’s seafront in a weekend newspaper magazine. It was promoting Bill Bryson’s Book The Road to Little Dribbling. The heading of the photo read ‘How can you trash such a beautiful country as this’.

In his book Bryson does make constructive criticism of Blackpool, and he did his research about the bad points of the town.

Deep down, one feels he would like to keep the seaside the way it used to be, and he also made some good points about Blackpool.

He wished the government would get involved to help the seaside resorts down on their luck. He liked the days of the comedians, music hall acts etc They were the good old days.

Blackpool is a family resort and also caters for other peoples ages and tastes. Many people want to get away to have fun socialising with family and in groups of people. The bright lights of Blackpool are alive with all the noise and all the seaside fun. All this just makes people feel the need to get away from respectability now and again.

It is a form of escapism. Blackpool is still a bit old fashioned, that is what I like about the town.

P O’Connor

Portland Road



Catch 22 should ignore the grumbles

I was dismayed and somewhat annoyed to read the article in Saturday’s Gazette in regard to the new bus service 24 between Cleveleys and Poulton (Gazette, April 9).

I have already used this service several times in its first week of operation, and it’s a lifeline to myself and many other people who don’t drive. Without Catch22 taking this service over we would have had no bus at all, and people would do well to remember this before they start moaning that the bus is late.

I caught the 24 on the first day and it was packed solid. The lady driver did well to cope, as everybody seemed to have a question for her when getting on or off. This slowed her down and the roadworks in Thornton can’t help. After the first day or so, the buses have been generally on time and all the drivers polite and friendly. On Saturday morning I have never seen so many people on the bus to Cleveleys AND it was on time!

Thanks Catch22, I’m so grateful to you, ignore the grumbles and keep up the good work for us old folks, we’d be trapped indoors if it wasn’t for you.

May Parker

Arundel Drive



Most people agree with us cabbies

I would like the right of reply to observations from a recent anonymous letter (Your Say, Gazette, April 11).

The letter stated that cabbies are complaining about a Talbot Road tramway extension because we don’t want to lose a monopoly.

This isn’t true because we welcome competition. But we are more convenient and cheaper when shared. And why have Blackpool Transport recently stopped using the bus stop at North Station? Is it because the footfall is lower than the authorities are claiming? So why spend £30m if the demand isn’t there? The reason we object is we don’t want traffic congestion. And it would seem that most people agree with us.

The letter writer went on to say taxi fares are sometimes lower for people returning to North Station

The simple fact of the matter is that some taxi companies are offering discounts for customers who pre-book.

Bill Lewtas

Secretary BLTOA


A great time at the jazz’n’blues fest

I would like to thank Stephen Pierre for organising the Blackpool Jazz and Blues Festival again this year.

We attended both days over the weekend and enjoyed all the wonderful music by very talented musicians.

It is very good of Stephen to promote his home town, and we need more people like him to put Blackpool on the map.

I would also like to thank Blackpool Council for restoring the Winter Gardens to its former glory. There were loads of people at the theatre, and it was delightful to be in this spectacular building.

Carol Mooney

Wolverton Avenue