Letters - April 14, 2011

Blackpool sea front
Blackpool sea front
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THE Promenade between South Pier and North Pier has been known by visitors and locals as the Golden Mile for more than a century.

Immortalised in numerous films, TV documentaries and Kathleen Eyres book Seven Golden Miles, it is as important to Blackpool’s ‘brand’ as the Tower and the Pleasure Beach.

Why the name?

My own understanding is that it relates to the fortunes made on the front in Blackpool’s halcyon, i.e. ‘golden’ days. Or maybe because of the fortunes spent by the council on advertising Blackpool’s golden sands.

Perhaps our local historians or heritage buffs can tell us?

So why change the name? Just on the off chance, royalty might agree to open the new Promenade.

Fleeting publicity at best, even if they do. There are hundreds of buildings, parks and locations named after Liz.

Blackpool’s application for World Heritage Site status was rejected because, it was said, our heritage as the world’s first mass working class accommodation area had been diminished by cosmetic changes made in the guise of topicality. Let’s not compound the error.


Crystal Road


M. QUINN (Letters April 11) posed the question as to the whereabouts of the old sundial, which, during the revamp of the area, was removed from its position outside St John’s Church.

Mr Quinn quotes me as stating in The Gazette that the sundial was to be reinstated, but, as yet, he could see no sign of that happening.

It’s true I did write, informing readers that, having spent several months trying to persuade both the council, and the church authorities, the sundial should be reinstated, that I was now in a position to publicly thank them, due to having received a letter, not only agreeing to my request, but also promising work would start on laying the sundial’s foundations on March 1.

When that promise wasn’t fulfilled, despite several fine spells of weather during the past few weeks, I again enquired as to what was happening, only to be informed the builder was otherwise engaged at the Winter Gardens, and the sundial must wait until that contract is completed at some point.

So Mr Quinn, I confess I haven’t a clue as to what has happened to the sundial. Sorry!


Lincoln Road


SOME time ago The Gazette featured an interesting piece on the ladies known as Blackpool Soundwaves.

As it is now their 30th anniversary they are re-launching themselves, and have a very professional website where you can hear them performing.

Their ages range from 18 to over 80. They are a very lively crowd and are happy to attend any manner of event.

Recently, they donated £100 to our charity Cat Rescue and they will be performing at the cattery at our summer garden party.


St Annes Cat Rescue